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Watch This Pharrell Mashup Of Get Lucky And Happy By Pomplamoose, Shot In One Incredible Take image
If you’re not familiar with the musical team of Pomplamoose, it’s time for education. The duo consists of singer Nataly Dawn and multi-instrumentalist Jack Conte. The husband and wife team formed way back in 2008, and established an early cult following on Youtube. Since garnering tons of fans, selling mashups and singles online, the couple has been signed to a label and seen their popularity soar.
Steve West 2014-02-21
De La Soul Making Entire Catalog Free For Download image
As a young lad I was introduced to the world of hip-hop via groups like Run D.M.C., Public Enemy, and De La Soul. Of course the tides would change and we’d all fall in love with the Wu-Tang Clan, Outkast, and N.W.A. At the time songs like “Itsoweezee” were revolutionary and daring. Now all these years later, the music of De La Soul holds up, and to honor their own catalog the group is making all of t
Steve West 2014-02-14
Grammys 2014: See The Full List Of Winners Here image
The fifty-sixth annual Grammy Awards took place in Los Angeles this evening. Quite a few of music’s biggest and brightest artists took home honors, but the biggest single hat tips of the night went to Daft Punk. The duo won both Record of the Year and Album of the Year, topping a slew of popular artists from different genres including Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Robin Thicke and Macklemore.
Mack Rawden 2014-01-26
Spotify Lifts Streaming Restrictions For Free Users image
Spotify is defined by limitations, but the music streaming service has announced that will all change as restrictions for users are being removed. The service has always been a treasure trove of music, and is a top competitor to Pandora. But users have had to deal with a lot of restrictions, many of which pop up out of nowhere.
Steve West 2014-01-16
I Made You A Mixtape: 20 Songs Released 20 Years Ago image
1994 might be one of the greatest years in music history, and I say that with the knowledge of my age. I was in the prime early music listening years at the time. Fifteen years old, walking home with my first Walkman, complete with a “no skip” feature that worked enough for me to only have to reset an album every few blocks. So, my dear friends I have made you a pseudo mixed-tape.
Steve West 2014-01-07
Radiohead's Thom Yorke Hates Spotify image
The music industry’s been in a sea of change over the past ten years. Since downloading became a thing, music sales have steadily dropped and consumers have made it clear that they’d rather electronically download their music instead of buying CDs.
Joseph Giannone 2013-10-04
Watch Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Battle With Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Stephen Merchant image
Lip syncing isn't always a good thing. Most people don't want to shell out money to see a famous celebrity belt out pre-recorded greatest hits, for example, but done right, it can be a real art form and a source of humor and entertainment. Take for example, last night's episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Of course we know Fallon can sing, and he's known to some pretty great musician impressions...
Kelly West 2013-09-25
Miley Cyrus Strips Down For Racy 'Wrecking Ball' Video image
If the sight of Miley Cyrus grinding all over Robin Thicke during the VMAs didn't make you uncomfortable, perhaps seeing her french kiss a sledgehammer will do the trick. The young singer bears it all -- or most, anyway -- for her new video, which has her performing in her underwear at certain points, and mostly naked at others. She leaves her boots on. The video isn't quite as NSFW as Thicke's unrated "Blurred Lines" video, but it's close.
Kelly West 2013-09-09
Katy Perry Roars In New Music Video, Debuts Colorful Prism Album Cover image
Katy Perry is ready to "Roar" with a new music video and the recently revealed cover for her latest album Prism. "Colorful" is probably the best adjective to apply to both the video for "Roar" and the Prism album cover, which actually obstructs Perry's face from clear view with a rainbow that shines across her face.
Kelly West 2013-09-06
2013 iTunes Music Festival Kicks Off With Lady Gaga This Sunday image
Music fans might want to block off the month of September, as the iTunes Festival returns in a matter of days, kicking off 30 consecutive nights of free shows this Sunday, which will be viewable for free via iTunes. The first artist to perform at London's Roundhouse for the festival is Lady Gaga, whose concert is scheduled for this Sunday night (September 1). Check out the full schedule and find out how you can watch ahead.
Kelly West 2013-08-30
Watch Lady Gaga Open The 2013 VMAs With Applause, Katy Perry Closes It With A Roar image
The MTV Video Music Awards are as much about the performances as they are about the awards themselves. The event's history is cluttered with memorable musical performances. Remember Britney Spears and the snake? Or when Eminem made it very clear that he's the real Slim Shady?
Kelly West 2013-08-26
Metallica Stages A Panel And A Secret Concert During Comic-Con image
Metallica fans headed to Comic-Con later this month are in for a treat, as all four members of the band are set to appear at the Metallica Through The Never panel that's scheduled for Hall H on Friday. And we've also learned that the band will be performing at a secret location somewhere in San Diego on Friday evening. Some lucky panel attendees will win tickets and learn the location of this planned, "intimate private concert."
Kelly West 2013-07-08
Mary J Blige Sued Over Deposit For Cancelled Concert image
Mary J Blige is not an accountant or a financial manager. She’s a musician, and like so many other musicians, she’s not particularly great with money. For a long time, she apparently got away with playing fast and loose, but unfortunately, the less than sound monetary decisions are really starting to catch up to her. She owes the government millions in unpaid taxes, her charity is behind the eight ball, and this week, she was just hit with a lawsuit.
Mack Rawden 2013-06-18
See Justin Timberlake's Racy Cover Art For Tunnel Vision Single image
"Tunnel Vision" may be the next Justin Timberlake destined to get stuck in our heads, following "Mirrors" and "Suit & Tie" off the artist's latest album The 20/20 Experience. And with that single comes a racy bit of cover art, which we've embedded at the bottom to give you time not to scroll down as it's a little bit not-safe-for-work. It contains nudity… kind of. The image depicts the silhouette of a naked woman set over Timberlake's face, so the skin involved is all his, but it's all about the tunnel vision here.
Kelly West 2013-06-13
Watch Will Smith Bust Out Some Summertime Lyrics During His Late Show Visit image
You know how sometimes you hear a song and you just have to sing along? Well, based on Smith's behavior in the above clip from last night's episode of Late Show, that happens to him when he hears "Summertime." Will Smith wasn't scheduled to perform on Late Show with David Letterman last night, but his appearance - and more specifically his arrival - led to an impromptu performance...
Kelly West 2013-05-21
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