The Big Arrow Relationship That Will Change In Season 6


Who The Power Rangers 2 Villain Should Be, According To The Director

The Power Rangers movie put up a solid showing at the box office so while a sequel is no guarantee, the possibility is certainly there. If it happens, the director knows who he wants to bring in to face the Rangers.

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What To Expect From Hopper In Stranger Things Season 2, According To David Harbour

While Hop was a major hero in Season 1, it seems like he's going to be a bit shadier when Stranger Things returns.

The Real Reason Marvel's Spider-Man Movie Doesn't Include Uncle Ben

It's an integral part of Spider-Man's origin. Peter Parker selfishly opts not to stop a criminal, and that crook later shoots and kills the boy's beloved Uncle Ben. Through that difficult ordeal, Peter learns that with great power comes great responsibility.

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Will Blade Ever Get Another Movie? Here's What Kevin Feige Says

Kevin Feige has a lot of thoughts on the Blade franchise.

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Is Warner Bros. Making A Superman: Red Son Movie?

Warner Bros. has a lot of plans for the DC Extended Universe but many of their projects seem to sit perpetually on the drawing board. However, one idea the studio is reportedly looking at may be a bit more interesting than the others.

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To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Despicable Me 3 Ticket

Is Despicable Me 3 worth spending the extra cash on to see in 3D? Have a click inside to find out whether the antics of Gru, Dru, Lucy and the Minions shine in the extra dimension.

Will Alec Baldwin Play Trump On SNL This Fall? Here’s What He Said

SNL has continually poked fun at President Trump and his administration last season. So will Alec Baldwin be back with his acclaimed impression next year?

Apparently LucasFilm Is Unhappy With Alden Ehrenreich's Han Solo Performance

We already knew there were plenty of issues on the set of the Han Solo movie as regards the directing situation. However, it turns out that's not the only problem. Lucasfilm is worried about their star as well.

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The Spider-Man: Homecoming Character Who Won’t Return For Avengers: Infinity War

Peter Parker's first big Marvel and Sony solo venture isn't even out yet, but one of his closest allies is supposedly off the roster for Avengers: Infinity War.

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Facebook To Produce Original TV Shows

Streaming video is all the rage nowadays, and Facebook is looking to get in the game in some pretty big ways that could change the social media streaming game.

How Arrow Needs To Be More Like The Comics In Season 6, According To Stephen Amell

When Arrow resumes later this year, series star Stephen Amell hopes that Green Arrow will start to resemble his comic book counterpart in a particular way.

Carrie's Sissy Spacek Is Joining Another Awesome Stephen King Project

Sissy Spacek got her big break into showbiz with Stephen King's iconic horror movie Carrie. Now, she has signed on for a new Stephen King-based project that could be just as awesomely terrifying.

Where Hellboy 2's Angel Of Death Came From, According To Guillermo Del Toro

Inspiration comes from the strangest places, and Guillermo del Toro knows this personally. Read on to hear the story of how he came up with the Angel of Death character for Hellboy II.

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The Conjuring 3 Is Happening

The Conjuring 3 is in the works, and there's already a few names attached to the project.

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When Rick And Morty's Next New Episode Might Air

Rick and Morty fans have been waiting a long time for a brand new season. Now, we have an idea of when the next new episode might debut.

One Awesome Sounding Deadpool 2 Scene That Could Get Cut

T.J. Miller has clued Deadpool fans in on a cool scene that's planned for Deadpool 2, although it's possible it might not make the final cut.

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Why The Marvel Spider-Man Movies Should Avoid The Green Goblin, According To Tom Holland

He's the new Peter Parker. He is carving his niche in the MCU, and in Spider-Man: Homecoming, he is taking on updated versions of The Vulture (Michael Keaton) and The Shocker (Bokeem Woodbine). Does he want to eventually see The Goblin on screen in his universe?

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Prince Harry Says He Once Wanted Out Of The Royal Family

Prince Harry was ready to say goodbye to his royal status. Find out what made him question it all.

The Big Arrow Relationship That Will Change In Season 6

Arrow is entering a whole new era when it returns for Season 6, and star Stephen Amell has revealed one big relationship that will change in the new season.

The 5 Key Films That Inspired Baby Driver, According To Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright is not just a great filmmaker, but clearly wears his love of movies on his sleeve. While each of his projects are unique, they are also crafted speaking a specific cinematic language designed by decades of legendary directors.

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