5 Ways Marvel's Netflix Shows Can Fix Their Iron Fist Problem


Why The Witcher's Original Writer Doesn't Make Money From The Games' Sales
Polish author and writer of the original Witcher novels, Andrzej Sapkowski, doesn't receive any royalties from the sales of CD Projekt Red's trilogy of Witcher titles. Well, there's a very stark reason as to why the original writer doesn't make money from the games' sales.
Why The Power Rangers Movie Didn’t Put The Heroes In Their Suits Sooner
CinemaBlend recently asked the director of Power Rangers why the film waits so long to put the titular heroes in their respective suits. Here's what he had to say.
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The Insane Amount Of Money Kong: Skull Island Opened To In China
Kong: Skull Island opened to positive results over in the states, and now the film has opened up in foreign markets too. As probably should have been guessed, it's doing really crazy well over in China.
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Here's When You'll Get Your First Chance To Play Star Wars: Battlefront 2
The original Star Wars: Battlefront left a lot of core fans a bit disappointed with the offerings. Well, EA and DICE will have an opportunity to rectify that with Star Wars: Battlefront 2, and there's now a day and date to let you know when you can first play the game.
New Alien: Covenant Poster Teases Serious Violence
The Alien franchise has never missed around before when it came to violence so why should this new poster for Alien: Covenant? Check out this absolutely fantastic new poster for Alien: Covenant.
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How Long The Nintendo Switch Will Be Hard To Get, According To GameStop
If you're hoping to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch anytime, the folks at GameStop wish you the best of luck. According to their predictions, it's probably going to be tricky to track one down in the wild for some time to come.
Naked And Afraid XL Has Been Renewed For Season 3 At Discovery
Naked and Afraid's spinoff just got some great news from its network, and we've got all the details.
Life Stars Ryan Reynolds And Jake Gyllenhaal Tell Us Why They’d Never Go To Space, And They Are Hysterically Correct
When I sat down with Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal during the Austin, Texas press day for their brand new movie Life, I planned to have a fun conversation about the wonder of space and their perceptions of it after making the new sci-fi horror film.
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Titanfall 2 Is Getting New DLC And A Free Trial
Respawn Entertainment has announced that they're still supporting Titanfall 2, even after being railroaded from success due to the close-quarter release next to Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Their next big content drop includes a new map and a free trial.
Tons Of Major Companies Are Pulling Commercials From YouTube, Here's What Happened
A ton of huge companies, and even a TV network, have pulled commercials from YouTube, with more possibly to follow. Read on to find out why.
12 Coolest Moments From The Justice League Trailer
The Justice League trailer is packed to the brim with badass moments. Here are the 12 coolest.
Another Spider-Man: Homecoming Poster Is Here, And It’s Just As Charming As The Last
And the posters just keep on coming! After two charming posters, Spider-Man: Homecoming is just trying to outdo itself at this point and has posted the third poster of everyone's favorite friendly neighborhood superhero. Check it out.
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6 Huge Surprises The Justice League Trailer Included
Sprinkled in between the action-packed moments from the new Justice League trailer were some important surprises. Here are the six biggest ones.
The Surprising Amount Of Power Rangers Movies That Might Be Headed To Theaters
Power Rangers opened this weekend, and with barely one foot in the door, we're already talking about future of this budding franchise. Saban's already got a plan for future films, with more than just a trilogy in mind.
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Why We Should Expect Plenty Of Dragons In Game Of Thrones Season 7
As the world waits for Game Of Thrones Season 7, fans and media get more and more rabid for any and all details regarding the final episodes of HBO's successful series. Today, we're gifted with another speculative nugget that has ties to the dragons of Daenerys Targaryen.
Justice League's Trailer Is Great, But Where The Hell Is Superman?
The new Justice League trailer featured a ton of epic action moments and ties to other DCEU films, but there was one aspect that was noticeably absent: Superman.
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Fear The Walking Dead Is Making A Big Change Behind The Scenes
Fear The Walking Dead is changing things up. Before you begin to panic, don't worry, it's likely something you won't immediately notice. The good news is, it doesn't look like it will affect Season 3.
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Features A Fun Easter Egg In Its First Few Shots
Guardians of the Galaxy is infamous for having an impossible to find easter egg but James Gunn promises that the sequel will have at least one easy to spot easter egg right at the beginning. Here are the details.
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The New Justice League Trailer Is Explosive And Action-Packed
A new trailer was just released for the film, and it teases some pretty epic moments. Check it out.
Another Fan Favorite Star Wars Characters Was Almost In Rogue One, Here’s What We Know
While we were delighted to see the likes of Mon Mothma and Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One, it turns out another fan favorite almost had a role as well.
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