Here's What's Being Done About Those Missing Super Nintendo Games


The One Person Who Needs To Step Up On The Walking Dead, According To Norman Reedus
The good guys of The Walking Dead are finally trying to make a stand against Negan and the Saviors. According to Norman Reedus, one of those good guys needs to step up in a big way.
The Perfect Way Bates Motel Season 5 Is Setting Up Psycho
Bates Motel spent four seasons laying out the complex groundwork upon which Norman Bates' most Psycho storyline could be built, and it started in full force for the Season 5 premiere.
Bethesda Is Working On 3 New Games, Get The Details
If you simply can't get enough Bethesda in your regular gaming diet, then you'll be happy to know that the developer appears to be working on three new games; a pair of bigger offerings and a brand new mobile title.
We Had No Idea So Many Things Were Broken In Rainbow Six: Siege
Ubisoft may have hit a home run out of the park with Rainbow Six: Siege, but that doesn't mean the game is without its issues. In fact, with the latest patch due to drop tomorrow, it reveals tons of under the hood fixes for some major glitches, and we had no idea so many things were broken in Rainbow Six: Siege.
The Rock Shares Photos From The Set Of His New Wrestling Movie
We're beginning to think that The Rock doesn't sleep, as he's already hard at work prepping and pimping out another movie he's shepherding into reality. See some photos from the set, inside.
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You Can Create Your Nintendo Account ID Now, Before The Switch Launches
For those of you gearing up to grab a Nintendo Switch, whether on launch day or down the road a spell, you can go ahead and establish your Nintendo Account ID before all of the best options are taken.
When Supergirl Is Bringing Back Lynda Carter
Supergirl kicked off Season 2 by bringing in iconic TV actress Lynda Carter for a key role, and fans have been waiting for her to return. Now we know when that will be.
Somebody Found A Way To Play Doom That Will Probably Kill You
One person posted a video showing a new way to play Doom but it's probably ill-advised for anyone to try it at home. The method has been posted online to give gamers a crazy look into playing Doom in a way that you probably never expected to see.
Cool Star Wars: Rogue One Video Shows The Tarkin Recreation Process
A new Rogue One video shows off some of the steps the production took to recreate Grand Moff Tarkin.
Movie News
Why Star Wars Rebels Went With That Big Twist
Star Wars Rebels just featured a big twist that threw many fans for a loop. Executive producer Dave Filoni shares his thoughts on what happened.
One Thing Jimmy Kimmel Swears He’ll Do During The Oscars
Jimmy Kimmel already has one thing planned for when he hosts the Oscars, and it's very important.
Movie News
How John Wick 3 Should Open, According To Keanu Reeves
John Wick 3 is still being thought out, but Keanu Reeves has an interesting idea on how the movie could open following the events of John Wick: Chapter 2.
Movie News
How The Good Fight Is Doing In The Ratings
The Good Fight finally premiered as the spinoff of hit CBS drama The Good Wife, and the first numbers are in to tell us just how many people tuned in.
One Thing LEGO Batman Gets About The Joker That Suicide Squad Didn't
Although it's a movie aimed at younger audiences, The LEGO Batman Movie nailed one aspect of Joker that Suicide Squad didn't.
Overwatch's Next Hero Probably Isn't Doomfist
One of the big talks around the gaming community for Overwatch is about the upcoming new hero that Blizzard will be adding to the game. We don't know who the hero is or what their abilities will be, but according to some recent discussions, Overwatch's next hero probably isn't Doomfist.
How Switched At Birth's Showrunner Feels About The Fans Having To Wait So Long For Season 5
After a long absence, Switched at Birth returned to television at the end of last month and is now headlong into its final season. The series returned after 15 months on hiatus, something that wasn't easy for fans.
King Arthur Trailer: Charlie Hunnam And Excalibur Make An Exciting Combination
Each new trailer for King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword suggests that the blockbuster could be the surprise hit of the summer.
The Wild Fan Reactions One Walking Dead Actor Had To Deal With For A Long Time
The Walking Dead is one of the biggest shows on television, and fans have had some pretty interesting reactions to actors over the years. One in particular has some experiences with fans that are totally wild.
How The New Doctor Who Showrunner Will Approach Casting A New Doctor
Chris Chibnall has a plan for the new Doctor, and it doesn't involve drawing names out of a hat.
Why You'll Need To Buy An SD Card With Your Nintendo Switch
Hidden costs. That's been one of the topics surrounding the Nintendo Switch lately in regards to accessories and games. In fact, for one game in particular even Nintendo makes it known that if you want the digital version you will need to buy an SD card with your Nintendo Switch.
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