Street Fighter 5's Newest Stage Has Already Been Pulled. Here's Why


The Hilarious Reason You Won't See Tekken 7 On Nintendo Switch Anytime Soon

There's a hilarious reason why you won't be seeing Tekken 7 on the Nintendo Switch anytime soon, and you'll likely never guess the reason why.

Michael Bay Recreated And Destroyed A Famous Monument For The Last Knight

Michael Bay loves explosions, and for Transformers: The Last Knight, he poured a lot of time and effort to recreate a historical landmark only to blow it up soon after.

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CBS' Mom Dropped A Tragic Twist On Fans

Mom has been bringing the laughs on CBS for four seasons now, but the latest episode featured a twist that was far from funny. Here's what happened.

Call Of Duty: WWII Has Locked Something Behind An Enigma Machine

Activision and Sledgehammer Games are officially moving the marketing machine behind the upcoming Call of Duty: WWII, and that means having a bit of fun with sending gamers on a quest to uncover clues and hints like some sort of miniature ARG.

Star Trek: Discovery Adds Battlestar Galactica Star And More

Star Trek: Discovery already has a stellar cast, and the highly anticipated show just added a Battlestar Galactica star and more.

Who Two Of The Han Solo Movie’s Important Characters May Be

Details on two new Star Wars characters that will debut in the Han Solo movie may have emerged.

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The 10 Best Songs From Superhero Soundtracks, Ranked By Greatness

Remember the days of the soundtrack tie-in, complete with blockbuster single? We do, and we've packaged 10 fantastic superhero pop songs into this nostalgic collection. Act now, by clicking into the article, and enjoy the best Superhero Hits for the convenient price of nothing.

Piers Morgan Made Some Blunt Comments About Kim Kardashian's Cellulite

Piers Morgan fired off controversial statements about cellulite and Kim Kardashian's body. See what the talk show host had to say.

Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Are Celebrating 29 Years Together

Congratulations are in order for Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, who have been married for 29 years! See if the stars have anniversary plans, and find out more about the secrets to their relationship.

Avengers: Infinity War Will Include A Beloved Harry Potter Location

In a merging of worlds made in nerd heaven, Avengers: Infinity War might be filming at a location that fans of Harry Potter should be intimately familiar with. Hit the jump to learn all the details.

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Wait, Is Mike Myers Heading To TV Soon? Here's The Weird Story

Mike Myers was once a fixture on the small screen thanks to his work on SNL, but he's focused more on movies in recent years. Now, he may be coming back in a very, very weird way.

Fixer Upper's Chip Gaines Is Facing A Huge Lawsuit Over The Show

For most, Fixer Upper is light-hearted entertainment, but not for the people currently suing Chip Gaines.

Why Vin Diesel Can Command So Much Per Movie

Vin Diesel crossed an important financial milestone thanks to The Fate of the Furious, and there's one main reason for how he did this.

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Nintendo Launching 2DS XL This Summer

Nintendo isn't done with their portable systems. In fact, following on the launch of the New 2DS, they now have a New 3DS XL set to launch this summer from brick and mortar retailers and online e-tailers. There are a number of new features present to help convince people to keep gaming on Nintendo's handheld systems.

Why Comcast Just Had A Surprisingly Huge Quarter

Universal Studios, and four films in particular, have helped Comcast to a stunning start to 2017.

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Phil Spencer Thinks Xbox Game Pass Could Benefit One Particular Type Of Game

The upcoming Xbox Game Pass is potentially going to drastically change the digital landscape of how people consume Xbox games on Microsoft's home consoles. In particular, though, Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer thinks that a certain kind of game genre could benefit most from the Xbox Game Pass.

A Winter Olympian Just Dressed Up In Captain Marvel Gear And It's Epic

Olympic athletes are already by and large superheroes, but now they are officially going to look the part. Team USA is suiting up and you can check out one Olympian sporting an outfit inspired by Captain Marvel.

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One Big Reason Wonder Woman’s Summer Release Is Exceptional

Wonder Woman really is a rarity for a summer blockbuster, here's why.

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Why It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 13 Will Premiere Way Later Than We Expected

Call this one "The Gang Gets a Hiatus That's Longer Than We Expected." Here's what one star has to say about the big wait for Season 13.

What Game Of Thrones' Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Thinks About Big Spoilers

One Game of Thrones actor doesn't seem all that phased with spoilers, and he's got a sound reason why.

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