Dying Light Is 1080p On PS4 image
The big thing about gaming in the eighth generation is that gamers have come in with certain expectations. On the side of PC, 4K gaming is becoming the high-end norm, quite naturally gamers on the console side are expecting that the hardware should at least come up to par with offering native 19201080 progressive scanning image resolutions, and thankfully Techland is aimed at delivering on those expectations with Dying Light... on the PS4.
William Usher 2013-12-07
Dead Island Developer's Hellraid Delayed To 2014 image
Hellraid, the dark medieval game in development at Dead Island studio Techland, won't be out this year. The developer said today that they're planning a 2014 launch now.
Pete Haas 2013-10-30
Hellraid Interactive Trailer Chronicles Edyn's Escape image
You don't just watch the latest Hellraid trailer - you play it. Techland has released an interactive trailer for the first-person hack-and-slash game.
Pete Haas 2013-09-23
Dying Light Multiplayer Zombie Mode Isn't For Everyone image
Dying Light, the upcoming horror game from Dead Island developer Techland, will feature a multiplayer mode called Be the Zombie. Not all players will have access to this game mode, though.
Pete Haas 2013-08-29
Dying Light 12 Minute Gameplay Trailer Fuses Dead Island With Mirror's Edge image
IGN posted up 12 smoking minutes of gameplay from Dying Light featuring the main protagonist free-running through a zombie invested shanty town. The gameplay video transitions from day to night and unveils that once night strikes, a more serious, violent threat emerges.
William Usher 2013-08-15
Dead Island: Epidemic Is Free-To-Play MOBA image
Deep Silver announced today that the Dead Island series is heading in a new direction. Dead Island: Epidemic, the third game in the zombie series, will be a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena exclusively for the PC.
Pete Haas 2013-08-07
Hellraid Is Hundreds Of Hours Long, Says Techland image
Techland has sent out additional screenshots from their first-person hack-and-slash game Hellraid. They've also released a new FAQ outlining the basic features of the co-op adventure.
Pete Haas 2013-05-28
Dead Island Developer Announces Survival Horror Game Dying Light image
Today Dead Island studio Techland revealed that they're developing a new survival horror title called Dying Light. Dying Light, published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, will hit consoles and PC next year.
Pete Haas 2013-05-23
Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger And Lots Of Sales Hit Xbox 360 This Week image
With the new Xbox platform being announced tomorrow morning, it may be easy to forget that new games are headed to the Xbox 360 this week alongside some pretty spectacular sales. Ready your wallets for discount binging.
Ryan Winslett 2013-05-20
Hellraid Trailer Battles The Undead image
Techland has issued the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming co-op game Hellraid. Hellraid is a first-person hack-and-slash game set in the early medieval era.
Pete Haas 2013-05-09
Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger Trailer Tells Silas Greaves' Story image
Call of Juarez: Gunslinger stars a number of colorful Wild West legends like Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett. The latest trailer, however, focuses on a fictional character: Silas Greaves, the man who has to hunt them all down.
Pete Haas 2013-05-06
Dead Island Studio Announces Hellraid image
Today Techland, the developer of the Dead Island and Call of Juarez franchises, has announced a new medieval game called Hellraid. Hellraid is a first-person hack-and-slash game that can be played alone or with friends.
Pete Haas 2013-04-29
Dead Island Riptide Retail Launch Begins The Next Zombie Apocalypse image
Today Dead Island: Riptide is arriving in stores throughout North America. To celebrate the open-world zombie game's debut, publisher Deep Silver has released a launch trailer.
Pete Haas 2013-04-23
Dead Island: Riptide Trailer Introduces New Zombie Outbreak image
Dead Island: Riptide has received a new story-based trailer. The trailer is entitled "They Thought Wrong" and looks at the opening minutes of the open-world zombie game.
Pete Haas 2013-03-21
Dead Island: Riptide Screenshots Battle Through Palanai image
Deep Silver has released nine more screenshots from Dead Island: Riptide. Surprise surprise, it shows zombies getting shot up and stabbed.
Pete Haas 2013-03-15
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