Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Less Gory Than Ninja Gaiden 2 image
The differences between the Xbox 360 game Ninja Gaiden 2 and its PS3 remake Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 are bound to be heavily scrutinized. One interesting discrepancy between the two versions has already become apparent: Sigma 2's a lot less gory.
Pete Haas 2009-07-01
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Demo Coming In September image
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, the PS3 remake of the 2008 Xbox 360 game, will get a demo before its release. Tecmo and Team Ninja confirmed the news at a press conference today.
Pete Haas 2009-06-26
E3 2009: Tecmo’s Super-Huge Game Line-Up image
A few days too late, I know…most of everyone already listed their line-ups earlier but somehow Tecmo was a little late to the party.
William Usher 2009-06-03
Tecmo Bowl Delayed For Wii But Still Coming To Xbox Live Arcade image
Retro gaming enthusiasts looking to wreak havoc with digital Bo Jackson will not be able to do so on the Wii. Tecmo confirmed today that their Tecmo Bowl remake for the Wii is now on hold.
Pete Haas 2009-05-27
Ninja Gaiden Gets Mission Pack image
Right now you're probably figuring out what to do with your weekend. Instead of visiting the Ornithology Museum or doing whatever other cultured activity you had planned, why not engage in ninja-based mayhem? Hack-and-slasher Ninja Gaiden II has a new mission pack available on Friday for download through Xbox Live.
Pete Haas 2008-07-25
Tecmo Responds To Team Ninja Lawsuit Reports image
After reports circulated around the web about members of Team Ninja following Itagaki out the door – and also suing their former employer – Tecmo has issued a statement to English-language media regarding the events.
Steve West 2008-06-19
Rumor: Dozens Of Team Ninja Staff Following Itagaki image
When a rock star developer like Itagaki ups and leaves his longtime employer you can bet it’s not in a huff. This is no tantrum from a disgruntled worker, but rather the end of the road following many aired grievances.
Steve West 2008-06-15
Itagaki Quits And Sues Tecmo image
Just as Ninja Gaiden II releases we get word that series creator, Tomonobu Itagaki, has quit Tecmo. And I do mean quit, the man did not in any way resign. According to a letter Itagaki has put out to fans he not only has decided to leave the company he has been with for so long, but is also suing them.
Steve West 2008-06-03
Preview: Ninja Gaiden II image
Ninja Gaiden II is the follow up to the 2004 Xbox hit. Creator Itagaki has always had a penchant for over the top anything, and in Ninja Gaiden he found the perfect balance of buxom ladies and outrageous fiends. The sequel, which looks like the last Gaiden game Itagaki will work on, looks to follow the Team Ninja tradition of giving fans even more outlandish action and entertainment.
Steve West 2008-06-03
Latest Ninja Gaiden II Trailer image
In game cut scene videos are fine. They do a little to get me revved up for Ninja Gaiden 2, but it’s not what I really want. After watching the latest trailer, below for your enjoyment, I finally realized what it is that I desire.
Steve West 2008-05-13
Blend Games Media Blowout: Ninja Gaiden II image
Ninja Gaiden 2 is on its way. Very soon I’ll have a new disc to spin in my 360 and take over my life. Sorry Niko, but you’ll be playing second fiddle to Ryu Hyabusa come June. Overall the game looks like the original Xbox game, only much higher resolution and textures are being employed.
Steve West 2008-05-13
New Tecmo Bowl For DS image
A year after Tecmo revealed they were working on a new Tecmo Bowl game, they've finally decided to give us some details. Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff is be coming to Nintendo DS this fall after the series' seventeen year hiatus. Good timing - the player roster from the last installment is starting to get a little out-of-date.
Pete Haas 2008-05-01
Ninja Gaiden For DS Goes Gold image
Tecmo announced on Friday that Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword for Nintendo DS has gone gold and will be released on March 25th. Also, there's an after-party!
Pete Haas 2008-03-02
Ninja Gaiden 2 Release Date Official image
OK Ninja fans, prepare to crap your pants. The excitement that comes with having lightning quick moves, sharp blades that will dismember any enemy and ninpo magic that causes enemies to piss their pants will be unleashed on the Xbox 360 sooner than some of you might have thought.
Steve West 2008-02-20
More Xbox Originals: Ninjas Versus Pirates image
The Xbox Originals are getting some new friends to beef up their slender numbers. On February 11th you’ll be able to pick up Ninja Gaiden Black, Black and Sid Meier’s Pirates!. OK. You can just pick up Ninja Gaiden if you’d like. Because if you haven’t already played the best thing to come out on Xbox 1, then you have yet to live. You also should be able to find the game used for less than $15, or a friend has a copy I’m sure.
Steve West 2008-02-05
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