Unbreakable Quantum Encryption Demonstrated image
Phew. We finally have encryption that is unbreakable. No way will such a claim be seen as a challenge to hackers the world over, who will then break the encryption within 3 months. No chance at all that will happen. Researches from Europe have announced the Ēfirst commercial communication network using unbreakable encryption based on quantum cryptography.Ē
Steve West 2008-10-10
New Xbox Experience Requires 256MB Memory Card image
It was clear that the New Xbox Experience would take space to use. What still is not clear is why the hell Microsoft insists on selling a product with no hard drive while simultaneously releasing important upgrades to the system that need a hard drive to work properly. Yes, the big MS announced the Experience will fit on a 256MB storage card to allow most Arcade users to enjoy the fun of the poorly named Avatars. But letís not forget that some Arcade users are sitting with a 64MB card.
Steve West 2008-10-10
Mazda Kiyora Is Fuel Efficient And A Thirst Quencher image
I still remember a time when water was essentially free. When you wanted a glass youíd go to the tap and get it. Easy as can be. Now you can get water from your car. While this is an extra feature, Iím certain youíre paying premium prices to get this kind of service in your vehicle. The Mazda Kiyora is designed to consume less gas, produce fewer emissions and procure you more water than any other car on the market
Steve West 2008-10-08
New Xbox Preloading Games Experience Works, If You Have The Space image
The reason mega games like Metal Gear Solid 4 have to be loaded onto your PS3 is because the transfer rate of early generation blu-ray drives is exponentially slower than DVD. Without preloading there would be a load screen every 5 minutes in PS3 games. Or the traditional load screens would be 3x as long, or longer. But Microsoft doesnít want to be left out of this preloading craze
Steve West 2008-10-08
How Do The Studios Stack Up On Blu-ray Releases? image
Blu-ray is expensive. The players are not cheap, and neither are the discs. So when you spend that ridiculous $30+ on a movie you expect it to be of the highest quality. Yet so many studios are pushing out lazy SD content that doesnít even include the standard features of a DVD release. Having already been burned by the early days of DVD (hey there horrible Goodfellas transfer) Iíve kept a keen eye on what films are worth picking up on Blu-ray right now. In case you were wondering, as I was, Kill Bill look spectacular in Blu-ray format.
Steve West 2008-10-07
YouTube Gets Its Lights Put Out, Tacky Curtains And Super HD image
The new lights out and theater modes for YouTube may already be old hat for sites like Hulu, but itís not like YouTube really has to do anything anymore. The one stop stupid video shop has gotten by just fine on grainy vids. There are two new options for watching your YouTube videos: lights out, which dims the whole screen except the video; and theater mode, which blows the screen up and puts odd 1990ís Geocities style design theater curtains up on either side of the video.
Steve West 2008-10-07
Ford MyKey Puts Restraints On Teenage Drivers, Whilst Annoying Adults image
Fordís MyKey system is a great concept in theory, until you start thinking about all the beeping thatíll be going on. My Focus already incessantly beeps if someone forgets to put on their seatbelt. The device has a lot of almost useful features, mostly having to do with getting your kids to drive safely. I doubt this is something Iíd implement in my own driving
Steve West 2008-10-06
The Embody Trumps The Aeron For Office Comfort image
Last week on Bones Booth was at war with the other FBI agents in his office for the ultimate chair. A throne if you will. Unfortunately his quaint little leather chair is a meek plebe in comparison to the Embody Chair by Herman Miller. This is the true ultimate sitting experience. Unfortunately at a $1,600 asking price it is out of reach of those whoíd benefit most: the cube jockeys.
Steve West 2008-10-06
Iron Man Crushes BD-Live image
Iím sure that as of right now I am not alone in having watched possibly the best put together Blu-ray disc to hit the market in Iron Man. At least until we get that Lord of the Rings set (soon please). I spent a good hour going over the Hall of Armor as I learned the most random details on Starkís invention. And then there were the hours long making of that went into painstaking detail on bringing Shell Head to the big screen.
Steve West 2008-10-05
X Sting Wish: Fight Fires With A Gun image
If Tony Stark were in need of a fire extinguisher for his Mark III armor it would most assuredly be based on Adam Scottís X Sting Wish commercial extinguisher. This is more than a super cool gun toting anti-blaze weapon though. Itís designed to be more ergonomically friendly than the pull pin and squeeze nozzle of traditional fire extinguishers.
Steve West 2008-10-05
Nissan Nuvu Concept Is A Cartoon On Wheels image
Iíd like to know why car manufacturers have to make their electric vehicles so silly looking. The hybrid Prius is an ugly and awkward contraption, and now Nissan has shown off the Nuvu. Itís not a 100% electric car, which Nissan says theyíll have ready by 2010. Thereís no need for me to have a behemoth of a car, although I am 6í4Ē and do need a little leg room. A smaller car is fine, but not one designed Walt Disney.
Steve West 2008-10-02
Sony's New PRS-700 E-Reader A Worthy Foe For Kindle image
Iím currently listening to The Omnivoreís Dilemna and am quite satisfied with getting my extra reading in via audio. I know that for some reason Kindle is leading a revolution of the e-reader, a fact that I just canít get behind no matter how cool or non-headache inducing the device may be. But itís certainly no surprise that others are trying to get in on the action.
Steve West 2008-10-02
Star Wars Hoodie Lets You LARP At Any Moment image
I feel confident that a lot of, if not the majority, of Star Wars fans are like me and wouldnít be caught dead in a Storm Trooper cosplay uniform. Mark Ecko has a solution for us: this Storm Trooper hoodie. The great thing about it is you can wear with hood down and give your abstract support to the force, or you can zip it up fully for some LARPing good times.
Steve West 2008-09-30
SpaceX Launches Falcon 1 Successfully Into Earth Orbit image
SpaceX, we have orbital flight. Numerous failed attempts have finally resulted in the first privately funded rocket to enter space orbit. Itís a damn fine moment to know that someone out there had the balls to attempt, fail, and keep trying until they got it right. Even the loss of James Doohanís ashes didnít deter founder Elon Musk and the 550 man team at SpaceX from achieving their goal.
Steve West 2008-09-30
The Technology Of The Ghost Hunters image
This past weekend at the Sci-Fi Digital Press event at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO I had the chance to hang out with the Ghost Hunters. And by hang out I mean sit out front of the hotel and smoke a cig, chat about random things and just enjoy the day. While what weíre interested in here is the technology used I do want to take a moment to say what normal and sincere guys the entire team is.
Steve West 2008-09-29
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