Family Guy: Blue Harvest DVD Includes Digital Version For ITunes image
Purchase the DVD release of Family Guy: Blue Harvest, and youíll be able to transfer the movie to your video iPod, computer, or on Apple TV. Within the DVD is a digital copy of the movie, along with a unique code for iTunes. Pop the DVD in to your computer, enter the code, and iTunes copies the movie into its digital library.
Rafe Telsch 2008-01-16
Apple And Fox Renting Movies On iTunes? image
With Blockbuster Entertainment raising prices on its DVD-by-mail service, it seems like the death bell has rung for Netflixís primary competition. Now it looks like Apple may be giving the company a run for its money as it enters into a rental deal with Fox pictures that will allow people to download movies for a limited time via iTunes.
Rafe Telsch 2007-12-27
Apple Planning To Protect Your Hearing image
Portable sound devices being bad for your hearing is nothing new. Darn kids trying to listen to music too loudly goes back to portable 8-Track players and cassettes. Digital devices like iPods just make it more convenient to carry the device around, but the concern for hearing is still there. It appears Apple may be more concerned about your hearing than your kids most likely are, however
Rafe Telsch 2007-12-27
Apple Blog Reaches Settlement With Cupertino image
Blog Think Secret is no longer embroiled with a lawsuit with Apple, according to a press release issued on Think Secret on December 20th. After almost three years of litigation, which stemmed from editor Nicholas Ciarelli (nťe Nick dePlume) announcing upcoming Apple products via the blog that were not revealed until 2005's MacWorld.
Bill Rix 2007-12-20
Is Nokia Trying To Core Apple? image
The internets are buzzing with the word that cell phone maker Nokia and music giant Universal have inked a deal that will provide users of some Nokia phones the ability to download unlimited music tracks from the Universal library. You heard that right, unlimited.
Matt Guschausky 2007-12-04
Apple Settles With Burst image
Apple fans can deny it all they want, but Steve Jobsís company is quickly becoming just as bad as their opposition when it comes to stealingÖ er, borrowing, ideas from other companies. Although no official judgment has been made, Apple has settled with over allegations that the iPod and iTunes have been using Burst patented technology without permission or licensing.
Rafe Telsch 2007-11-27
Apple Tightens Down On iPhone Purchases image
It appears Apple is not only trying to keep control over its product, but now the company is tracking exactly who is purchasing the iPhones. According to an Apple Store employee, the company wonít let consumers pay cash for an iPhone anymore. Only credit cards and debit cards are permitted for purchase of an iPhone, specifically so the company can keep tabs on who buys the phone.
Rafe Telsch 2007-10-30
Apple Gets iSued Over iPhone image
Now consumers are retaliating with a class-action lawsuit that claims Appleís lockdown of the iPhone violates antitrust laws in the state of California. The claim is based on Appleís partnership with AT&T, which prohibits the iPhone from being used on any other network. If the lawsuit is successful, Apple would have to remove the software lock that limits the iPhone to one carrier and would no longer be allowed to deny warranty coverage to iPhones
Rafe Telsch 2007-10-10
This iPod's So Hot It's On Fire image
Iím guessing he probably wasnít listening to The Doors when it happened, but an Atlanta man is claiming his iPod Nano caught fire in his pocket while he was at the airport. The fire lasted a brief 15 seconds, but the flames reached up to Danny Williamsís chest before being extinguished. Even more disconcerting is what could have happened had officials seen the smoking man in the middle of the airport.
Rafe Telsch 2007-10-07
Suggestions Welcome: New RSS Software Needed image
Over two months ago I reported on an issue I was having due to Appleís latest Quick Time update. I didnít think too much of it at the time, even saying in my story that I was certain Apple would resolve the issue quickly. Well, it appears my faith in Apple might have been misplaced.
Rafe Telsch 2007-09-30
Apple Makes Good On Promise And Bricks Hacked iPhones image
Well, you canít say Apple didnít warn people. Earlier in the week Steve Jobs issued the warning that hacked iPhones ran the risk of being broken when Apple released software updates. Thursday brought the first of these, iPhone 1.1.1 update and, sure enough, iPhones who had been hacked to work on other networks suddenly found themselves with some problems.
Rafe Telsch 2007-09-29
Apple Bites Back At Phone Hackers image
I knew it was only a matter of time before Apple officially responded to the unlocking of the iPhone. Obviously the company, which has an exclusive deal with AT&T for American cell phone service, isnít interested in seeing their product hacked to be used on other networks. Now their response has come and itís as harsh as we expected it to be, which is to say, not very harsh at all.
Rafe Telsch 2007-09-24
Are You Interested In The iPod Touch? image
Appleís latest crack for the media addict, the iPod touch, officially hits stores this week, although apparently itís been available through some venues for the past week or two. The thought of getting a new iPod, one that plays video, music, has WiFi capabilities, and can directly download music without the need for a computer with iTunes has me excited (my current iPod is a mini), but Iím starting to feel like Iím all alone here.
Rafe Telsch 2007-09-23
NBC Direct Gives You Downloads For Free image
NBC Universal made a huge fuss in the past few weeks about wanting to raise the price on episodes of their hit television shows on iTunes. Instead of the $1.99 purchase price iTunes currently offers television shows at, the network wanted to bump the price up to $4.99. Apple refused and NBC walked away from iTunes, taking Heroes, Battlestar Galacticia, and The Office over to Amazonís digital download service. But now the network is headed in a slightly surprising direction
Rafe Telsch 2007-09-20
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