Weekly Blend #169 - Greetings From Sundance image
While the regular Weekly Blend crew aren't there, we get a special call-in from the Cinema Blend team at the Sundance Film Festival. You can read about their exploits over the course of the next few days on the website. Margaret and Rafe then dive into the Golden Globe results, the end of the Watchmen War, excitement over Terminator Salvation, and more. (Special Guest: Kelly West)

Show 169 - Greetings From Sundance - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2009-01-18
Weekly Blend #168 - Wartime For Watchmen image
The "Watchmen War" is heating up. Fox has distribution rights and wants to stop the movie from coming out, but suddenly both sides are talking. Is Fox finally seeing the error of their ways, or are they the bullies of the theatrical sandbox? We talk about the proclaimed "Watchmen War" as well as the current status of the awards season, including the People's Choice and Golden Globes. (Special Guest: Katey Rich)

Show 168 - Wartime For Watchmen - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2009-01-11
Weekly Blend #167 - The Best of 2008 image
It's our annual year end wrap-up, where we look at the best and worst of what the year had to offer. It's been a year that started with a writer's strike, saw in increase in digital distribution, advances in animation, and more. What was our favorite movie? Who stood out to us as an actor? What movie surprised us the most or disappointed us the greatest? All the answers lie in this week's show.

Show 167 - The Best of 2008 - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2009-01-04
Weekly Blend #166 - Eggnog! image
Our last show of 2008 sees Margaret acting a little loopy. She says it's because of eggnog, but it could also be the addition of her sister, Liz Say, who sits in for the absent Sometimes Tim this week. Hear our review of Seven Pounds, a debunk to all those horrible Dark Knight sequel rumors (Eddie Murphy?), and updates on some of our favorite science fiction and comic book franchises. Happy Holidays to all, and join us in two weeks for our year end wrap up.

Show 166 - Eggnog! - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-12-21
Weekly Blend #165 - Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas image
In the spirit of the holiday season, this could be considered a "very special" episode of the Weekly Blend, where Rafe makes an announcement about something special that might change his subjectivity toward films in the future. We discuss the Golden Globe nominations, actors offering their opinions on their franchises, and our own holiday entertainment traditions.

Show 165 - Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-12-14
Weekly Blend #164 - Viruses Abound image
Margaret had a virus last week that kept us from having a show. This week it's Rafe's turn to have the virus... or at least his computer's turn. It looks like we're putting out a show despite a nasty computer virus's best efforts. Join us for talk about holiday movies, The Day the Earth Stood Still, an Alien movie without Aliens, and listener mail! (Special Guest -Zeshan Khan)

Show 164 - Viruses Abound - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-12-07
Weekly Blend #163 - Blame The Boy Wizard image
Twilight blazes at the box office despite a lukewarm reception from most of the people we've heard from. What a perfect kick off to a holiday movie season that looks mediocre at best. Why aren't this year's offerings looking more attractive? We blame Harry Potter, who backed out from this weekend, leaving the next few weeks looking sad. Hear our commentary on the next month's worth of movies, as well as the latest round of remakes and sequel news.

Show 163 - Blame the Boy Wizard- Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-11-23
Weekly Blend #162 - What Do You Call Twilight Fanatics? image
This week is predominantly about James Bond and Twilight. Who better to have join us for a discussion of Bond's latest adventure than someone from his native land? With that in mind, Richard Brunton joins us to talk about Quantum of Solace and then stays on to talk about other things, like Star Trek, glampires and trying to figure out what Twilight fanatics should be called. (Special Guest: Richard Brunton from Filmstalker)

Show 162 - What Do You Call Twilight Fanatics?- Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-11-16
Video Review: Quantum of Solace image
Youíve already read our official review by Josh Tyler. Now take a look at our second opinion, offered through our video review. See Rafe Telsch make his own barrel sequence walk and then offer his opinion on James Bondís latest adventure, Quantum of Solace.
Rafe Telsch 2008-11-16
Weekly Blend #161 - Check Your Bill image
We're back from our break! The show's title is a reference to a public service message we discuss a little late in the show, but before that there is all sorts of the usual mayhem, from reviews that range from cartoons to porn, to our discussion of a remake that absolutely should not happen. We also discuss DreamWorks Animation's coming of age and our excitement of the upcoming Bond flick (although we still hate the name).

Show 161 - Check Your Bill - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-11-09
Video Review: Zack And Miri Make A Porno image
Rafe discusses the latest from Kevin Smith and considers changing his name to "Bubbles". Guess why
Rafe Telsch 2008-10-28
Weekly Blend #160 - Digital Banthas image
It's our annual Halloween episode, which means this episode is full of tricks, like our discussion of Halloween candy and the meaning of the phrase "trick or treat" and treats, like the phrase "digital banthas." Hear our review of Saw, the latest news in the Jack Ryan franchise, a discussion over the ending of Watchmen, our response to the most absurd movie news we've heard of in a while and a belated birthday wish to Margaret.

Show 160 - Digital Banthas - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-10-26
Weekly Blend #159 - 33 Percent Less Snark image
Usually one of us being sick is excuse enough to cancel the show. This week we just carry on, just with 33% less snark. Sometimes Tim and Rafe discuss geeky thoughts on Star Trek, smarts in professional wrestling, the loss of Terrence Howard for Iron Man 2, a broadway version of Once, and more!

Show 159 - 33% Less Snark - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-10-19
Weekly Blend #158 - Slogging The Bloggers image
You'll find the usual madness in this week's show (reaction to the first images of Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes, Rafe's Zack and Miri porn I.D., and a statement that we know Green Lantern is a DC Character), but then we pull back the curtain for an interesting look at the movie website community, specifically an editorial revealing some of the bias and discrimination held against blogs and bloggers. (Special Guests: B. Alan Orange & Paul Christensen of Movieweb).

Show 158 - Slogging The Bloggers - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-10-12
Weekly Blend #157 - Tommy Lee Jones's Flashy Thing image
Don't ask us what this week's show is about. We've all been flashed by Tommy Lee Jones's flashy thing and can't remember (that's a Men In Black reference for those who don't get it). We think we review a couple of this week's new releases, celebrate Kevin Smith not having to eat his hat, discuss more sequels (including a third MiB picture), and assess Marvel's plans for the future.

Show 157 - Tommy Lee Jones's Flashy Thing - Direct Download (60:00 min 27.47 MB)
Rafe Telsch 2008-10-05
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