Heavy Rain: The Multiple Options Of Robbing A Store Trailer
The latest trailer consists of a corner store hold-up and the multiple ways in which the scenario can be thwarted, avoided or handled.
Amazon PS3 Bundles
Boy has Amazon got a deal for you! If you’ve been running around looking for the perfect time to get your PS3, now is it. Well, now exactly now but soon. Amazon has 3 incredible PS3 bundles ready for the purchasing. The catch is this – yup, there’s a catch – you have to vote on which bundle you want. Then if you’re one of the lucky few you get to race to snatch one up before everyone else.
UPS Testing Out A No Label Future
I’ve had nothing but luck with our UPS guy. I like what Brown does for me. For instance, when it’s raining and no one is home he’ll take our little recycling bin and put packages in there to keep them dry. It’s the little touches. Now UPS as a whole is taking a greener approach to package shipment by testing out the HP Handheld sp400 All-in-One.
Best Buy's Black Friday Deals...Or No Deal
I don’t know if you noticed, but the Best Buy Black Friday ad hit the interwebs earlier. It wouldn’t be your fault if you didn’t notice because the deals are lame. Seriously and inexcusably lame. I guess it doesn’t matter to someone like me who never comes within 100 yards of a store on Black Friday. But what about all the deal hounds out there?
Father Of The iPod Leaves His Creation To Advise Jobs
Our kids grow up, they move on, and so must we. That’s true even if your child is an extremely popular gadget. Tony Fadell, inventor of the iPod (along with other people, but you know…he was the guy) is leaving his position at Apple to take on a reduced role as an advisor to Steve Jobs. It’s certainly simplistic to claim that Fadell “invented” the iPod when it was a team effort. Despite work by a team, and Apple hardware chief of engineering Jon Rubenstein, Fadell is still considered the popular MP3’s father.
CNN Broadcasting Election Coverage With 3D Holograms
Perhaps Emperor Palpatine won’t be taking over, and getting things done, come January. Perhaps…election day isn’t over yet. But what is happening are holographic images of pundits will be talking to Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s election night coverage. As in full 3D motherflippin’ holograms. This bodes well for the Emperor’s plans to sporadically appear in each American home to scare the children with his raspy voice and force lightning withered skin.
Text Messaging May Not Be The Downfall Of Man
Apparently English professors are wrong about the fall of man happening due to OMG! chatspeak. The abbreviated conversations we have on IM or in text messages have long been troubling to those who enjoy the written word. A recent study from Cornell University has proven that this is just not the case. Good news for those of us who have long held that baggy pants barely hanging on to the wearer is the true culprit in the demise of our youth today.
MGS4 Modded PS3 Crushes Your Pathetic Console
My own PS3 is a regular old 80GB model that came packed with Metal Gear Solid IV. I used my covetous eyes to look at the gun metal gray special edition, but alas was unable to procure one. But I’m happy with my system, at least until today. Coming across the Morpheon Mods take on a MGS4 PS3 is enough to make any fan of the series weep with desire.
Universal Parks Unleashing Giant Freakin' Robots With Transformers Ride
In recent years Universal Studios theme parks have made great strides to compete with Disney’s Imagineers. While many people maintain that Disney World and Disney Land are just for kids, or not cool enough for the adult crowd, attendance numbers have shown a different story. Now Universal is in the process of putting in a Harry Potter section of its Orlando park. This will be followed up by a Transformers themed ride in the Hollywood and Singapore parks.
Guitar Hero Figurines Now Available At Toys R Us
For some reason figurines are a popular portion of the geek culture. Video games come packed with them in special limited edition cases, and die hards will spend lots of money searching the internet to complete a collection. I don’t go in for that, most likely because as an adult I don’t know what I’d do with them. But that doesn’t stop figurines from being popular.
Hancock Coming To BRAVIA HDTV Owners First
Sony’s BRAVIA Internet Video Link has been mediocre at best so far. At least when you consider the $299 add-on pricing. I can watch YouTube on my computer. So it’s odd that I don’t like the offering of Hancock prior to its Blu-ray release. After all, this is the sort of content BRAVIA owners are expecting from Sony. Here’s the issue: why in the hell is this system not being integrated onto the PlayStation Network?
Airlines To Get GPS Navigation...Someday
I’m here to have a very special talk with you about an important issue. An issue that affects thousands of people each and every day. Look, I know that paying for a flight costs an unseemly amount of money. And now, as I found out first hand a few weeks ago, airlines are trying to nickel and dime passengers out of money to pay exorbitant gas prices. It sucks, and I don’t necessarily begrudge the airlines.
MDI Airpod Powered By Hot Air
I’m all for alternative fuel sources. I’ll even accept that Hybrids are at least something being done by car manufacturers, even if they don’t provide enough energy savings to make the extra cost worthwhile. But using air as a fuel source in a vehicle is a new one for me. Sure I had the CO2 cartridge racing cars as a kid, but to take the idea of a compressed gas and turn that into a drive for a vehicle is slightly crazy.
Fighter Bike Fit For Terminators
Is your motorcycle a death dealing machine? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Technically neither is the Fighter cycle from Confederate Motor Company, but it sure does look like something a T-800 would ride around on. The bike looks as if it was precision carved from a single block of metal, and that includes the entire engine. I wonder what the logistical problems would be to actually achieve such a feat.
Circuit City Is Reeling And On The Ropes
It looks like Circuit City is in dire straights at the moment. Although I guess most companies and individuals are as the market plummets on a daily basis. The electronics retailers isn’t quite ready to take its final death gasp, but after losing $239 million and stock prices dipping below 50 cents a share things don’t look good. I mentioned to my wife whilst enjoying a brownie last night that perhaps Circuit City should overcharge in the style of Best Buy.
Unbreakable Quantum Encryption Demonstrated
Phew. We finally have encryption that is unbreakable. No way will such a claim be seen as a challenge to hackers the world over, who will then break the encryption within 3 months. No chance at all that will happen. Researches from Europe have announced the ”first commercial communication network using unbreakable encryption based on quantum cryptography.”
New Xbox Experience Requires 256MB Memory Card
It was clear that the New Xbox Experience would take space to use. What still is not clear is why the hell Microsoft insists on selling a product with no hard drive while simultaneously releasing important upgrades to the system that need a hard drive to work properly. Yes, the big MS announced the Experience will fit on a 256MB storage card to allow most Arcade users to enjoy the fun of the poorly named Avatars. But let’s not forget that some Arcade users are sitting with a 64MB card.
Mazda Kiyora Is Fuel Efficient And A Thirst Quencher
I still remember a time when water was essentially free. When you wanted a glass you’d go to the tap and get it. Easy as can be. Now you can get water from your car. While this is an extra feature, I’m certain you’re paying premium prices to get this kind of service in your vehicle. The Mazda Kiyora is designed to consume less gas, produce fewer emissions and procure you more water than any other car on the market
New Xbox Preloading Games Experience Works, If You Have The Space
The reason mega games like Metal Gear Solid 4 have to be loaded onto your PS3 is because the transfer rate of early generation blu-ray drives is exponentially slower than DVD. Without preloading there would be a load screen every 5 minutes in PS3 games. Or the traditional load screens would be 3x as long, or longer. But Microsoft doesn’t want to be left out of this preloading craze
How Do The Studios Stack Up On Blu-ray Releases?
Blu-ray is expensive. The players are not cheap, and neither are the discs. So when you spend that ridiculous $30+ on a movie you expect it to be of the highest quality. Yet so many studios are pushing out lazy SD content that doesn’t even include the standard features of a DVD release. Having already been burned by the early days of DVD (hey there horrible Goodfellas transfer) I’ve kept a keen eye on what films are worth picking up on Blu-ray right now. In case you were wondering, as I was, Kill Bill look spectacular in Blu-ray format.
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