American Horror Story Season 2 Teaser Takes A Weird Milky Bath

By Kelly West 4 years ago discussion comments
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In just a couple of months, American Horror Story will be back for its second season, which has been titled American Horror Story: Asylum. FX has already begun another weird promotional campaign in anticipation of the new season, which will feature all new characters and a completely new setting, with some cast members from Season 1 joining newcomers for Season 2.

Among the previously released creepy-teasers for Season 2 is the one where a woman dumps a bucket of something (a body part?), and the one where a white-faced nun sits down in a weird room. And now we can add the one where someone takes a milky bath inside a weird zip-up tub.

Not really sure what to make of this, but the tub reminds me of a straight jacket. Also, the sight of the person's back coming up is freaky, and I get a trace of that weird drowning-panic vibe from it because the person never actually comes up for air.

These vague and creepy teasers are all we have to go on for now as we wait for October to approach, when American Horror Story: Asylum premieres on FX.
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