Brand X Preview: Four Teasers For Russell Brand's FX Comedy Series

By Jesse Carp 4 years ago discussion comments
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FX is going into promotion overdrive. And, to be fair, they are doing a pretty fantastic job of marketing their promising new Thursday night comedy line-up. Well, minus one key piece of the puzzle, or so we thought. While wrapped up in the tease released for two of the networks' best returning comedies - Louie and Wilfred - not to mention glimpses at the obviously much hyped new show starring Charlie Sheen, Anger Management - these four first looks at Russell Brand's Brand X sort of fell by the wayside.

Previously operating under the title Strangely Uplifting, Brand X is FX's first foray into late night original programming but by the looks of it, the series that focuses on the British comedian's off-kilter take on current events will be anything but a traditional late night talk show. He's got the monologuing part down pat but the rest of the usual scheduled programming that accompanies said shows - the skits, guests and/or musical acts - are not part of this project. Brand X is simply six, half-hour episodes of Russell Brand's musings in front of a live audience. Basically, a protracted comedy special. Take a look and be teased.

Practicing A Television Show

Benevolence & Joy

Porn In A Library

Revolution Against Us

The series looks to be shot in beautiful, high contrast black and white (unless that is just for the promos, but I don't believe that's the case), which is just another of the many ways that Brand X already comes across as very distinct from your average late-night fare. Also worth noticing, is the level of audience interaction which will apparently be a large portion of the program each week. I think Brand is an absolutely charming and funny fella, and even though I am not an admirer of his early work on British TV with MTV UK, he's been great in everything I've seen him in since Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Brand X premieres on June 28 at 11 p.m. on FX. It stars Russell Brand.
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