A From Dusk Till Dawn TV Show Is Happening, And Some Of You Can Netflix It

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago discussion comments
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A From Dusk Till Dawn TV Show Is Happening, And Some Of You Can Netflix It image
I donít know what your plans are for this week, but you need to carve out some time. Iíve got something to add to your agenda. Apparently, some nice people have spent the past few months adapting From Dusk Till Dawn into a television series, and now, the splashy Mexican vampire drama is ready to be seen by human eyes.

According to Indie Wire, the show will premiere tomorrow night (March 11 at 9 PM EST/ PST) on El Rey Network. Wait. Wait. Donít freak out. Thereís a decent chance you actually have that channel.

El Rey Network is a new channel put together by Robert Rodriguez, designed to target 2nd and 3rd generation Latinos who speak English primarily but are very familiar with Spanish. It officially launched back in December and is carried by DirecTV, Time Warner Cable and Comcast. Right now, itís running a lot of X-Files and Dark Angel re-runs, and this From Dusk Till Dawn adaptation is its first splashy attempt at original programming.

For those in Europe and Canada, the show will appear on Netflix within twenty-four hours after the episode airs live. For those in Latin America, the show will premiere on Netflix one week later. For those in the United States, there are no such plans for From Dusk Till Dawn to air anywhere but on El Ray Network.

You can check out a trailer for the series belowÖ

At its core, the series is basically a reimagining of the filmís events. The Gecko Brothers are back in all their badass glory, and once again, they will force a family to drive their RV South of the Border into Mexico. Vampires will be involved once again, and we will all get to see plenty of blood. This time around, however, Clooney, Tarantino and Keitel are out and Wilmer Valderrama, Don Johnson and some people youíve probably never heard of are in.

Itís easy to write this show off as a joke right now, but the fact of the matter is none of us have ever seen any original programming from El Rey Network. Considering Rodriguez is on board and Star Trek writers/ super producers Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci have been hired to write another series for the network, itís pretty clear all involved are aiming for quality. So, I would highly suggest watching with an open mind. Thereís at least a one out of four chance this could be goddamn awesome.
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