Key & Peele Join Fargo: 6 Videos To Excite You About Their Casting

By Alicia Lutes 2 years ago discussion comments
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Key & Peele Join Fargo: 6 Videos To Excite You About Their Casting image
OK does anyone else think this casting smells of genius? Because I think this casting smells of genius. Via TVLine, FXís television adaptation of The Coen Brothersí Fargo just went the comedic route, adding the actors of Comedy Centralís Key & Peele to the already-stacked and impressive roster of folks heading to North Dakota. And hooo wee nelly are we ever excited to witness this truly inspired casting on screen.

The duo, as announced by FX on Wednesday, also known as Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, will appear on the upcoming adaptation as Webb Pepper and Bill Budge, FBI partners who become obsessed with finding Lorne Malvo (played by Billy Bob Thornton). It sounds like a recipe for a blunder ó in the best way! If you didn't catch it earlier, a teaser for the series recently premiered online just yesterday.

The duo are truly hilarious and if youíve never seen them before, allow us to open your minds to a whole new world of funny. Their sketch show ó which just wrapped up its third season ó features tons of kooky characters, silly accents, and off-kilter sensibilities, making the duo a perfect pairing for the Coenís kooky atmospheric comedy. Weíve compiled some of our favorite skits from the boys, below, in order to school you in the funny ways of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele.

1. The Valet Guys Meet Liam Neesons

2. East/West College Bowl

3. Auction Block

4. Continental Breakfast

5. Les Mis

6. Epic Rap Battles: Gandhi vs. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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