Sam & Cat Officially Cancelled Thanks To Behind The Scenes Drama

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago discussion comments
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Sam & Cat Officially Cancelled Thanks To Behind The Scenes Drama image
A little more than a year ago, Sam & Cat premiered to an audience of 4.2 million people. Within a few months, the show was given a 40-episode first season order. Most observers expected it would wind up being Nickelodeonís anchor show for at least a half decade, but sadly, thanks to a litany of behind the scenes problems, itís not even going to see a second season.

The showís demise has been rumored for months thanks to a feud between Jennette McCurdy and Nickelodeon. Maybe it was over her salary in relation to co-star Ariana Grande (whose brother is currently on Big Brother). Maybe it was because of some racy pictures of her that got leaked. We really donít know, but the matter got so out of control, she skipped the Kids Choice Awards and then went public with her animosity, yelling about a supposed lack of ďfairnessĒ. Regardless, itís now officially over, as per The Hollywood Reporter.

The opportunity to be on a show thatís a genuine hit with fans doesnít come around very often. For every George Clooney that leaves E.R., there are dozens of stars who are never able to produce anything thatís as popular as what they left. The truth is Hollywood is an ugly business, and thereís not a whole lot of ďfairnessĒ in it. Sometimes your co-stars are more popular. Sometimes the network is a little cheap. Hard feelings are easy to come by, but more often than not, itís better to actually work through them than push this hard and bank on another opportunity down the road.

An overwhelming majority of the time, networks will bend over backwards to make sure a hit TV program continues churning out new episodes. In the case of Greyís Anatomy, that meant firing Isaiah Washington after his alleged conflict with TR Knight. In the case of Jersey Shore, that meant giving the cast members more than $100,000 each for every episode. When it came to Sam & Cat, however, the behind the scenes drama was apparently just too much and/ or the money demands just too unreasonable to be met.

There is still another episode of Sam & Cat that hasnít aired yet. The network isnít hiding it either. Theyíre being open about the situation in attempt to drive viewership, almost like a going out of business sale. You can see what I mean belowÖ

Childrenís programs donít need to be on a lot of years to develop a cult following that will last over the long haul, but Iím not sure a single season will be enough to make an entire generation fondly remember Sam & Cat fifteen years from now. More than likely, people will vaguely remember it and that will be that.
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