VH1's Mob Wives Spinoff Set In The Windy City

By Jessica Grabert 5 years ago discussion comments
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VH1's Mob Wives Spinoff Set In The Windy City image
A true reality “wives” show can’t totally earn street cred until it manages a spinoff. With that in mind, it seemed like a spinoff might be impossible for the Staten Island Mob Wives crowd, who incurred criticism and controversy after airing family secrets on TV (Renee and Jennifer Graziano’s dad is no longer on speaking terms with his daughters). Turns out this is less of a hindrance than one would presume, and VH1 has managed to spawn a sequel – one that is gearing up to begin production soon.

The second installation of Mob Wives will be taped in Chicago. According to The Sun-Times, the tape will begin rolling next month, capturing a whole new set of family members with mob affiliations. I don’t know much about the Chicago mob system, but I do know there are enough mismanaged government decisions going on in the city to make certain crime is a profitable enterprise. We’re talking about a town that sold the rights to street parking to a private company for only $1.2 billion. I’m sure even the less high profile mob wives have a good story or two.

Unfortunately, the names of the participants are currently being kept under wraps. Head producer Jennifer Granziano has visited Chicago several times over the past few months, scouting out locations and people for the show. But she’s not ready to reveal any names yet.
“I’ve got some family contacts here, people that have known my family and friends of mine.”
Alluding to contacts without giving names certainly seems to be a good way to keep us interested without giving away any juicy details. I’m sure when the time comes, the news will make headlines in Chicago. The real concern should be whether or not the program can make ratings waves on VH1.
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