Watch Paul Rudd And Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Battle, GIF Highlights Included

By Kelly West 2 years ago discussion comments
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The thing about lip-syncing is, from a spectator's perspective, it's pretty pointless unless the lip-syncer is willing to put everything they have into their performance. And it's really for that reason that "Lip Sync Battle" works so well for Jimmy Fallon. It worked well on Late Night when he did it with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Stephen Merchant, and though Fallon has moved over to The Tonight Show, he's evidently decided to include the segment there, which brings us to Paul Rudd's enthusiastic performances, taking on Tina Turner's "You Better Be Good To Me" as well as Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now."

Did Paul Rudd bring his A-Game to these performances? Well, let's just say the proof is in the Gifs.

He really captured the magic in Turner's hit...


Throwing a lot of emotion and some other expressions into the performance...


To which Jimmy responded with a performance of "Jukebox Hero" by Foreigner...

Jimmy Jukebox

And that was like a challenge, because Rudd came back with a Queen performance and he threw everything he had at it...

Don't. Stop. Me. Now.


It was all floating fingers...


And tiger scratches...


And Lady Godiva...

Lady Godiva

And some really skilled hand and foot work...


That's some good stuff, Paul Rudd!

Watch the previous Lip Sync battle featuring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Stephen Merchant below...

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