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Actress Neve Campbell Reveals Health Woes

Actress Neve Campbell has revealed she suffers from a long list of painful ailments because she is "accident-prone". The Scream star piled on the pounds last year (10) when an injury left her hobbling and unable to take part in her usual exercise regime. She has now told how clumsiness and bad luck have left her with a long list of medical problems, mainly with her feet and legs. Campbell tells Britain's Live

New Nude Photos Of Vanessa Hudgens Leaked Online

New photos of Vanessa Hudgens, which appear to show the actress completely naked, have leaked online. A third set of nude snaps, allegedly featuring Hudgens, were published on various websites on Tuesday morning (15Mar11). The High School Musical star's good girl image was first tarnished in 2007 when provocative pictures of Hudgens first appeared online. Last year (10), Hudgens was left red-faced

Neil Patrick Harris Literally Went Blind For Beastly Role

Actor Neil Patrick Harris took his role as a blind tutor in new fantasy film Beastly so seriously, he had special opaque contact lenses made to ensure his portrayal was as convincing as possible. The How I Met You Mother funnyman admits he had concerns about how best to play the part, so he decided to go all the way and actually shot his scenes while his vision was completely blacked out. He says, "Playing a blind man, I didn't know the best way

Matthew Perry Sent Disapproving Teacher His First Magazine Cover

Actor Matthew Perry sent his first People magazine cover to a former teacher who insisted he'd never amount to anything. The former Friends star was separated from the rest of his class during Dr. Webb's lessons and the teacher never approved of his silly behavior. Perry recalls, "He was very mean and he always told me

Actress Julia Stiles Was Broke And Stranded In Cuba

Julia Stiles has told how she ended up broke and stranded in Cuba last month (Dec10) after she ran out of cash during a charity trip. The actress flew out to Havana to help a humanitarian aid group,

Grint May Have Followed In Dali's Steps If Not For Potter Movies

Rupert Grint would have been an artist if he hadn't landed his role in the Harry Potter movies. He says "I quite like surreal artists like Salvador Dali. If it wasn't for Harry Potter and acting,

Watson Thankful Harry Potter Shoot Was Rescheduled Around Her College Exams

Emma Watson is "very grateful" Harry Potter bosses re-scheduled shooting to accommodate her exams - because she would have been "public enemy number one" if she had been forced

Radcliffe Reflects On The Harry Potter Legacy

Daniel Radcliffe on the legacy of Harry Potter. "I think to a certain extent it's true that Harry will stick to me. I think in a lot of people's minds I will always be him. It's rather like the Mafia

Felton's Dad Forced Parking Attendant Job Between Potter Shoots

Tom Felton knows the value of a hard day's work - his dad forced him to take a job as a car park attendant in a fishery at the height of his Harry Potter fame. The actor was plucked from obscurity to play

Harry Potter Co-Stars Radcliffe And Rickman Remain Good Friends

Daniel Radcliffe is firm friends with his Harry Potter co-star Alan Rickman. He says "He actually cut short his holiday so he could see me in EQUUS on Broadway."

Eminem's Worries Over Writers Block

Eminem fears he'll lose his hitmaking touch forever if writer's block seizes him again. The Lose Yourself rapper admits he had a four-year stretch at the height of his drug-using days

Former Bond Star George Lazenby's Book Reveals Bluffing His Way Into Role

Actor George Lazenby will reveal how he "bluffed" his way into the James Bond role - he's writing a tell-all book on his career. The Australian star enjoyed a short-lived stint as the suave superspy

Gosling Reveals The Trouble With His Accent

Ryan Gosling struggles to speak in his native Canadian accent after he adopted an American twang as a youngster in an attempt to sound like his movie hero Marlon Brando. The Notebook star

True Blood Vampire Skarsgard Gets Naked For Real

True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard refuses to fake nudity. He says "I don't want a sock around it, that feels ridiculous. If we're naked in the scene, then I'm naked. I've always been that way."

Harry Potter Villain Felton Lands Record Deal

Harry Potter villain Tom Felton is swapping magic for music - the actor has landed his first record deal. The 22 year old, who plays evil Draco Malfoy, has long dabbled with music, creating

Cameron Diaz's Surfing Accident Left Nose Altered

Cameron Diaz doesn't look the same after her 2007 surfing accident. She says "I broke my nose surfing and had to have it fixed three years ago so I could breathe. They had to

Cybill Shepherd's Son Cyrus Escapes Prosecution Over Theft

Cybill Shepherd's son has been ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous sessions as part of his punishment for charges of mid-air theft. Cyrus Zacharia Shepherd-Oppenheim was caught rifling through the luggage of sleeping passengers onboard a United Airlines flight from San Francisco, California in January (10).

Radcliffe Emotional Over Harry Potter Wrap Up

Daniel Radcliffe broke down in tears when he finished filming on the last ever Harry Potter movie last week (ends13Jun10). The British actor and his castmates have now completed work on Harry Potter

Actress Mcwilliams Loses Cancer Battle

Michael Keaton's ex-wife, actress Caroline Mcwilliams, has died after suffering complications from multiple myeloma. McWilliams, who was married to Keaton for eight years, died at her home in

Breslin Is A Hypochondriac

Teenage actress Abigail Breslin suffers from crippling hypochondria and constantly worries she's going to die young. The 13-year-old star is so concerned

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