Are The Women In Harry Connick Jr.'s Life Making Him Gay?

Romantic crooner Harry Connick Jr. is certain he has gay tendencies because he has spent his life surrounded by women.

The singer insists he's far from a guy's guy and probably wouldn't know what to do in the company of macho men, because women have been running his life forever.

Connick Jr., who is married to model Jill Goodacre and has three daughters, says, "I have so many women in my life, I wouldn't know what to do with a guy. In fact I'm probably gay and I don't even know it!"

"My life is chick power. My manager is a woman, who has been with me since I'm 18, and my wife is a strong and intelligent woman. I have three daughters. My dogs are all females."

"Even my sister Suzanna... she just got a double medical degree; she's now a psychiatrist and an internal medicine doctor and she speaks about 10 languages. She's so impressive."

"I'm surrounded by strong, intelligent women." (KL&RXM/WN/GES)

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