TV Recap: House – Both Sides Now

House is on a natural high – he’s 24 hours sober and he slept with Cuddy last night! He rises the next morning to find her gone but her lipstick still on his face and a tube left beside his bathroom sink. Meanwhile, the team treats a man with alien hand syndrome.

TV Recap: House – Under My Skin

Amber is still haunting House and he’s scared to leave his apartment. Foreman tries to force him back to the hospital to discuss the new case. At first, it’s not working; then, Foreman tells him Cuddy’s going to fire him unless he gets his ass back on the job.

TV Recap: House – House Divided

Out with the old (and dead), in with the…old (and dead). A mere two episodes after we lost one character, we’re re-visited by another deceased doc from the Princeton Plainsboro roster. House is having trouble sleeping but he isn’t drinking warm milk or counting sheep. This insomnia won’t go away easily and neither will the form it’s taken. Our Gregory’s being haunted by Wilson’s dead girlfriend, Amber.

TV Recap: House – Saviors

An environmental activist, chained to a group of other protesters outside a coal mine, has trouble keeping on his feet and his lack of balance brings him through the doors of Princeton Plainsboro Hospital.

TV Recap: House – Simple Explanation

Okay, I was just playing last week. When I said the overly-dramatic preview of this week’s episode better mean someone was dying, it was just a joke. I didn’t really think the folks at FOX were gonna take it to that level. But more on that to come.

TV Recap: House – Locked In

Our patient opens his eyes to find himself in a hospital bed. He calls for assistance. His doctor stands over him and begins to speak, just not to him. He tells a nurse off-screen that they can prepare to harvest his heart for donation. Now our patient cries out, screams for help. He wonders why no one can hear him.

TV Recap: House – Here Kitty

House and his team are charged with diagnosing the 35 year old female head of nursing at an area old age home who is convinced she's going to die. But a cat told her so! House is avoiding clinic duty and hiding out in one of the exam rooms by playing toy cars on a makeshift race track cobbled together with medical supplies. Cuddy interrupts and enters with a new patient, the 35 year old female head of nursing at an area old age home.

TV Recap: House – The Social Contract

When a normally nice book editor finds himself telling his wife, colleagues and star author what he really thinks, they’re concerned. When his nose starts bleeding and he collapses, they know for sure something’s wrong.

TV Recap: Nip/Tuck – Giselle Blaylock and Legend Chandler

Like it or not, it’s already time for the season finale of Nip/Tuck. Drs. McNamara and Troy treat a pair of Halloween freaks who’ve been reading too much Anne Rice. Christian thinks he's found a way to cheat death. Kimber finds out about the wedding and tries to stop it. And Teddy has a nasty little secret.

TV Recap: Nip Tuck – Allegra Calderello

Christian breaks the news to Sean that it’s time to hire a replacement surgeon for the practice. Dr. Logan Taper looks good on paper: graduated with honors from UCLA, etc. Add to that he loves the ladies. But he’s kind of creepy and he keeps fondling the furniture.

TV Recap: House – The Softer Side

Cuddy finds House in the cafeteria with Wilson, politely requesting a bite of his friend’s food. Wait a minute. Politely? Asking permission for food and not just snatching it from Wilson’s plate? Huh. Must have a fever.

TV Recap: Nip/Tuck – Budi Sabri

This week’s patient would’ve been an especially cool idea if I hadn’t already watched the Discovery Health Channel special on the real-life “Tree Man.” Based on Indonesian fisherman Dede, Budi Sabri has a very unusual problem: his entire body is infested with overgrown warts

TV Recap: House – Unfaithful

In this week's episode of House, the team must diagnose a faithless priest who no longer believes in God but sees life-size Jesus at his front door, crown of thorns and stigmata included.

TV Recap: Nip/Tuck – Manny Skerritt

Kimber visits Christian’s office and asks him to do a favor for his granddaughter. Two year old Jenna has been signed to a baby modeling agency but told she’ll never get hired by the big-name clients with her “thin, villainous lips.” So mommie dearest asks her ex to inject the child with collagen!

TV Recap: Nip/Tuck – Ricky Wells

So, what’s the opposite of an Oedipal Complex? Is it when you love, love, luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv your pops? No, that’s Electra’s territory. Has to be when you hate your mother, right? Well, regardless of what it is, there are tons of mommy and daddy issues in this week’s episode of Nip/Tuck.

TV Recap: House – The Greater Good

FOX celebrates the 100th episode of House with morality tales galore. The first of which involves a respected cancer researcher who decides saving lives is overrated, so she joins the kitchen crew of an obnoxious chef instead. As a reward for her smart career choice, she collapses from a collapsed lung over chopped onions.

TV Recap: Nip/Tuck – Roxy St. James

Now that Sean has accepted his ability to walk, he finds the strength to help Christian stand on his own two feet. He recommends a breast cancer support group to aid his partner in dealing with post-diagnosis anger and fear. Christian finally agrees to attend and makes his standard bang-up first impression

TV Recap: House – Big Baby

Cameron introduces the new patient's file to House on her first full day as Cuddy-Clone. He is definitely aroused by her new position and the sparks fly right back – what man doesn’t get off on the idea of being with twins? Though how alike Cam and Cuddy are is still left to be seen.

TV Recap: House – Painless

House returns from hiatus with a young father and husband in chronic pain trying to commit suicide by sucking carbon monoxide in his garage. He’s seen seven different specialists over three years without any diagnosis or relief so the only thing left for him, he thinks, is death. His wife disagrees and takes him to Princeton Plainsboro

TV Recap: Nip/Tuck – Gene Shelly

This week, Christian’s concepts of masculinity, sexuality, and self-worth are challenged by old friends, some new ones, and a suspiciously feminine cowboy. Rancher Gene Shelly stops by the offices of McNamara/Troy for a consult: a mid-life drop in testosterone has made him jiggly in all the wrong places.

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