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TV Recap: America’s Next Top Model – Behind the Runway

I hate these types of episodes. Season recaps without officially being reruns. In case you missed it, come watch our mid-cycle overview all over again with new, unseen footage! The lazy ANTM producers must think we’re dumb. The hardcore, faithful fans have seen this all before. And for those who haven’t been watching up until this point, you don’t need to know what’s been going on. Yes, sometimes behind-the-scenes antics and interviews can be fun to watch. But for the most part, they’re just filler for empty episodes when the cast and crew stop production for a strike or an extended vacay in Cabo.

This week’s ep takes an unnecessary trip down Memory Lane, revisiting past contestants, previous challenges, and pose-offs galore. Remember The Top Model Institute of Technology, Alpha J, Beta Jay, and Tyrabot? Yeah, I wish I could forget them all, too. How about Hannah’s re-enactment with Tyra of a run-in with a moose or Isis’ initial confession of being “born in the wrong body”? And what of Sharaun, Cycle 11’s first reject and one of the fakest, most annoying contestants to make it through to the semi-finals? The hour is packed with plenty of other familiar stuff like the “Voting is Sexy” photo shoot, the Jeremy Scott runway show, Sheena’s hoochieness, Marjorie’s twitchiness, and makeovers.

Some of the cutting-room floor scenes that are shared with us include: Samantha keeping a stiff upper lip while sleeping on the floor the first night in the Top Model House; an argument between Sheena and Elina over animal rights; Nikeysha dropping some funky rhymes in the hot tub; talcum powder play-fights between Brittany R. and Isis; Marjorie’s backstage “love affair” with Analeigh; Joslyn’s stage debut with the Misfit of Magic; and more.

I definitely could’ve done without watching the girls chase a bee from the Top Model House. Or knowing how Alaska Pixie Dust protects Hannah from mean girls. Or how McKey’s allegedly trying to fatten the other girls up with homemade French onion soup. Or what water conservation in Tyra World looks like (Samantha, Clark, and Lauren Brie squooshed and covered in bubbles in the bathtub). Okay, there’s a lot I could’ve done without seeing this week.

After living through the first six weeks of ANTM (all over again), here are the remaining seven contestants:

Marjorie, 19 from San Francisco, CA by way of Marseilles, France

Awkward is her middle name. Win this damn thing is her game. If she could just stop freaking out.

Sheena, 21 from Harlem, NY

Pretty sure she’s a stripper. But still my girl!

Elina, 18 from Seattle, WA

Can’t get past her mommy issues and claims to be wearing a dead cat on her head, but gorgeous despite it all.

Samantha, 18 from Woodland Hills, CA

Is it just me or is she verging on plus-size? Absolutely nothing wrong with having a little meat on her bones, but I’d like to know if the Western world’s ridiculous concept of beauty and natural size is skewing my perception. What am I saying, of course it is.

Analeigh, 19 from Sacramento, CA

My pick for the next girl to head home.

Joslyn, 23 from Lucky, LA

A strong contender with an even stronger accent.

McKey (nee Brittany S.), 19 from Lake Forest, IL

If this whole modeling thing doesn’t work out, at least she has a back-up plan: sic her ultimate fighter boyfriend on Tyra and the J’s!

Next Week: The CW tricked me last week, so they better get it together and show me something good next Wednesday! So, let’s try this again… The girls continue to sharpen their acting chops in a commercial and there’s beef between Sheena and Elina.