Thor's Hammer Vs Aquaman's Trident: What's The More Powerful Weapon?

They are the trusted assets of DC and Marvel's strongest long-haired, bearded titans. The question is, between Thor's hammer and Aquaman's trident, which weapon would give you the best chances?

The 14 Best Horror Movies Based On A True Story

Some of your most thrilling moviegoing experiences are more real than you would want to believe. But what are some of the best horror movies that claim to be "based on a true story?"

The 10 Best Characters From The Classic Disney Movies

Disney has created some of the most iconic animated characters of all time, but which Disney movie character is the best there is?

Everything You Need To Know About Black Panther Going Into Phase 4

Before your favorite Wakandan superhero returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Phase Four, what should we expect from Black Panther in the MCU?

The 9 Best Zombie Movies That Feel Really Realistic

They are, arguably, the most horrifying monsters in cinematic history as they represent a fate worse than death: resurrection as a mindless, flesh-eating agent of chaos. But that would never happen, right?

All Pirates Of The Caribbean Movies, Ranked

The Pirates of the Caribbean movies are a series of great treasure, among some cursed missteps as well. But which film deserves all the booty?

M. Night Shyamalan Movie Twists, Ranked

Say what you want about M. Night Shyamalan, the man has gifted us with some of the most shocking endings in cinematic history, and a few that proved underwhelming. But how do the filmmaker's most memorable twist endings rank?

How The Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie Characters Compare To Their Comic Counterparts

You know the '70s pop hit-blasting, planet-hopping, playfully bickering space warriors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the movies barely scratch the surface of the true identities of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Men In Black's 10 Most Iconic Aliens

Who is the biggest, baddest, weirdest, creature in the Men In Black universe? We rank our picks for MIB's most iconic aliens ever.

Avatar 2: A History Of All The Delays So Far

We thought we would have already had coverage of Avatar 2's total box office earnings by now, but the continuation of James Cameron's ambitious vision still has yet to grace the screen.

That '70s Show Cast Ranked By Success Outside Of The Show

Depending on your generation, you might remember the disco era best from watching That '70s Show, the long-running sitcom that launched the careers of some of Hollywood's biggest names. But who made it out of Point Place most successfully?

Ben Affleck's Transformation From High School Bully To Award-Winning Actor

He is Boston's golden boy, claiming two Oscars, two comic book character portrayals, and the bragging rights of being Matt Damon's friend. But what do you know about Ben Affleck beyond the screen?

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