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The Big Bang Theory: See William Shatner Getting Nerdy With Kevin Smith And More

The Big Bang Theory finally gets to boast about William Shatner as a guest star, and fans can check out each of his first looks from the episode.

Empire's Jussie Smollett Reportedly Getting Show Scenes Cut In Attack Aftermath

The situation involving Empire's Jussie Smollett is all over the place, and a new report states that his character Jamal might be showing up less as Season 5 goes on.

Jessica Jones And The Punisher Cancelled At Netflix

It's the end of an era at Netflix, with all of its Marvel shows now officially cancelle

True Detective Season 3 Made A Huge Season 1 Connection, But What Does It Mean?

True Detective fans have pointed out lots of thematic and plot mechanic connections between the first and third seasons, but now we have an actual crossover moment.

How The Walking Dead Changed Alpha And Lydia's Backstory From The Comics

Alpha got a full introduction in tonight's Walking Dead, and it probably wasn't what comic fans initially expected to see.

NCIS' Ziva Twist Caused Fans To Freak Out Online

NCIS isn't always known for its bombshell shockers, but it delivered just such a surprise with its latest episode.

What's Cancelled And Renewed In 2019? Here's How The Network TV Shows Are Doing

With all the shows currently airing on just broadcast TV, it's hard to keep track of how everything is doing. We've got you covered.

Why Criminal Minds' Reid And JJ Might Not Get Together In The Final Season

Criminal Minds put viewers through the wringer with its Season 14 finale, and now it sounds like Reid and JJ's big moment won't get any follow-through.

The Conners Could Bring Johnny Galecki's David Back More In Season 2

The Conners hasn't gotten a second-season order just yet, but when it does, fans may be seeing more of Johnny Galecki.

The Joker Will Apparently Drop F-Bombs On DC Universe's Harley Quinn Show

Knowing this, we now think Harley Quinn's Joker would support Dick Grayson's Titans sentiments about the Dark Knight.

Today's Al Roker Is Hoping Kathie Lee Gifford Changes Her Mind About Leaving

Today's Katie Lee Gifford is set to exit the morning show in a few months, but Al Roker is hoping for a different outcome.

Hulu Is Down To Revive Daredevil And Other Cancelled Marvel TV Shows

While Netflix might not have much of a future with Marvel's superheroes, Hulu is stepping up in a big way.

Why Arrow's Big Character Exit Happened, According To The Star

Arrow bid farewell to one of its regulars in the most recent episode, and here's why it went down like that.

Nintendo Allowed Black Monday Characters To Snort Cocaine Off A Light Gun, And It Was Hilarious

Black Monday gave a 1980s shout-out to the Nintendo Entertainment System, and the creators told CinemaBlend how easy it was to make that happen.

Marvel's Howard The Duck And More Are Getting TV Shows At Hulu

After years of sitting on the concept of a standalone Howard the Duck project, Marvel has finally figured out a new plan.

Chandler Riggs' Dad Called Out Former Walking Dead Showrunner For Lying

One might have thought the dust had settled on Chandler Riggs' surprising exit from The Walking Dead, but no.

More 24 And Scream Queens? Fox's New Boss Shares His Thoughts

Fox has a slew of classic shows that deserve a return to primetime, but what about 24 and Scream Queens?

The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Introduced The Whisperers' Alpha And Doomed Two Characters

The Walking Dead's newest big bad has finally been introduced, and it already doesn't look good for some characters.

Negan's Big Walking Dead Escape Didn't Go As Expected

Negan's story took a couple of interesting turns in The Walking Dead's midseason premiere.

The Lego Movie 2 Box Office: The Animated Sequel Did Not Have An Awesome Weekend

Everything was awesome for The LEGO Movie back in 2014, but five years later, the franchise may be blocked up.

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