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How Titans' Alan Ritchson Feels About Hawk And Dove's Super-Dark Origin Reveal

Titans' Alan Ritchson told CinemaBlend all about upping the ante for Hawk with his origin story.

2019 Netflix Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows

A new year for Netflix means hundreds of new TV shows of all shapes and sizes. Here's what's been announced so far.

How Daredevil's Charlie Cox Feels About Netflix's Cancellation

Daredevil's Matt Murdock breaks silence about the superhero series' demise.

How Empire Will Be Different After That Huge Midseason Finale

The forever wild and crazy Empire is making a distinct change when Season 5 returns.

5 Big TV Golden Globes Snubs That Totally Shocked Us

Every year's new batch of Golden Globe Award nominations manages to leave out some major entries. Here's how 2018 went.

The Haunting Of Hill House's Golden Globes Snub Proves Horror Still Isn't Taken Seriously

The Haunting of Hill House is one of Netflix's biggest masterpieces, but its horror distinction isn't helping its award chances.

Why Titans Is The Comic Book TV Show More People Should Be Talking About

Everybody is talking about Netflix's Marvel cancellations and the Arrow-verse crossover, but DC Universe's Titans deserves more attention.

The Flash's Speed Force Doodles, And More 100th Episode Stuff To Discuss

The Flash's 100th episode was a doozy and a half, and left us with tons of things to talk about.

Supergirl Has Cast A New Comic Book Villain To Join Manchester Black

Manchester Black is about to get a little more help on Supergirl.

How Kevin Costner's Yellowstone Was Able To Use Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven Theme

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan reveals how that iconic Clint Eastwood track made it into the show.

Hulu And Other Streaming Services Have A Crazy New Plan For Showing Commericals

As networks attempt to cut back on ad breaks, some streaming companies are looking to increase them.

Supergirl's Melissa Benoist Explains How Kara Feels About Kate Kane's Batwoman

Melissa Benoist told CinemaBlend and other press outlets about her and Kara's feelings about Batwoman.

New Gotham Video Plays Up Jeremiah's Impact On No Man's Land

When Gotham returns, it will be no laughing matter. At least not for everyone else beyond Jeremiah.

Friends Is Leaving Netflix In 2019, But Why?

Fans will only be able to visit Central Perk on Netflix for a little while longer.

Supergirl Ending Reveals Elseworlds Crossover Introduction For John Wesley Shipp's 1990s Flash

Both a fun blast from the past and a fiery blast to the present, as only the Arrow-verse could do it.

One Walking Dead Star Reveals Update On AMC's Rick Grimes Movies

Details are scarce for Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes movies, but a few details have surfaced.

Syfy's Nightflyers Reviews Are In, Here's What Critics Say About The George R.R. Martin Adaptation

George R.R. Martin's sci-fi novella is arriving on TV, and critics have been in agreement about the Syfy adaptation.

Will The Walking Dead Adapt The Whisperers' Deadliest Moment From The Comics?

The Walking Dead showrunner talked to CinemaBlend about whether fans will see the Whisperers' most horrific comic moment or not.

Black Lightning TV Creator  Investigated Over Domestic Abuse Lawsuit And More

The CW's Black Lightning is facing some behind-the-scenes problems, as its executive producer is being sued for various reasons.

Mama's Family Star Ken Berry Is Dead At 85

Mama's Family star and all-around TV icon Ken Berry passed away this weekend.

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