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The Flash Star Explains Why The New Big Bad Is So Mysterious

The Flash is facing an all-new threat in the latter half of Season 5, sort of.

While Drunkenly Cutting His Hair, Ian Somerhalder Realizes He Still Has Reshoots For New Netflix Show

Vampire Diaries vet Ian Somerhalder has a new vampire show coming, and he's also got a funny haircut story to tell.

The Walking Dead's Zombies Will Eventually Decay And Die Off, Robert Kirkman Says

There may come a day when The Walking Dead universe is largely free from hordes of rotted bodies.

9-1-1 Renewed For Season 3 At Fox Along With Another Popular Drama

Fox is starting to make decisions about what will and won't be coming back to the network in the fall.

One Walking Dead Fair Moment Could Be Really Important Down The Road

The Walking Dead's latest episode offered up a heap of dead bodies, but it also possibly hinted at more to come.

Supergirl Finally Revealed Red Daughter's Supersuit

Supergirl dropped quite a few jaws with all of its Lex Luthor reveals, and now we know what Red Daughter's sweet new costume looks like.

Every Walking Dead Character That Got Killed Off In The Big Fair Episode

The Walking Dead gave fans an extended episode that proved just how ruthless and deadly Alpha can be.

Arrested Development Finale: Who Actually Killed Lucille Austero?

Arrested Development brought Season 5 to a close with a lot of awesome callbacks, but there's some debate about how it cleared up its central mystery.

Roseanne Barr Compares Sara Gilbert To Hannibal Lecter Over ABC Cancellation

Roseanne Barr is back in the public eye again, and she's still not over her ABC sitcom getting cancelled.

Hulu's The Act Review: Patricia Arquette And Joey King Are Perfectly Cast In Disturbing True Crime Drama

With two leads as effectively powerful as any TV project could hope for, Hulu's The Act is nerve-grinding TV.

Courtney Cox Gave Friends Fans The Best Video Callback

If you love Friends, then you'll love the way Courtney Cox gave a shout out to the hit sitcom.

David Letterman Reveals The Worst Day Of His Television Career

David Letterman has experienced one of the most storied careers in television, but this tale is a doozy.

What Happens To The Simpsons Now That Disney Has Acquired Fox?

Lots of Simpsons fans were saying "D'oh!" when The Walt Disney Co. finalized its deal to take over Fox. But what's actually happening with the animated family?

Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer Introduces Hawkins' New Monster In A Big Way

Wahooo! The first big and badass trailer for Stranger Things Season 3 is here!

The Walking Dead Revealed Where Michonne And Daryl's X-Scars Came From

For months now, Walking Dead fans have wondered and theorized about where Michonne and Daryl's back scars came from. Now, everyone knows everything.

The Amazing Race Contestant Dies At 42, And Now There's An Investigation
Fuller House Drops Lori Loughlin From Final Season In Wake Of College Admissions Scandal

Lori Loughlin's troubles haven't stopped yet, and fans might not see her again on TV for quite a while.

The Full House Cast Is Largely Avoiding Commenting On Lori Loughlin's Arrest

Lori Loughlin has gotten herself into a bit of a pickle recently, but don't look to her Full House family for lots of insights into the matter.

Watch Jay Leno Take Over The Tonight Show Monologue With 'Angry' Rants

Jimmy Fallon welcomed his Tonight Show predecessor for a surprise visit. But don't expect to see Jay Leno smiling.

When NCIS: Los Angeles Is Bringing Back Hetty

NCIS: Los Angeles fans are about to get a wedding for the ages, but many viewers just want to know where Hetty is.

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