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Will The Flash Bring Nora West-Allen Back For Season 6?

The Flash changed the status quo in its Season 5 finale, but could Nora return to the fold in the future?

Daily Show Vet Jon Stewart Talks Possible Return To TV

Fans are ready again for that true moment of zen that happens when Jon Stewart is on TV.

I'm Mad About Swamp Thing's Cancellation, But I'm Still Going To Enjoy Season 1

The behind-the-scenes hubbub surrounding DC Universe's Swamp Thing shouldn't deter fans from watching the excellence.

Burger King Offering Stranger Things Whoppers, Which Literally Means Flipping The Burger Upside Down

There's amazingly clever TV marketing in fast food, and then there's this.

John Krasinski Brought The Office's Roy To Stanley Cup Game 7 To Troll Jenna Fischer

Jim and Pam may have been one of TV's most romantic couples, but John and Jenna's friendship is much more multi-dimensional.

How Krypton's Season 2 Premiere Introduced Lobo, Who's Getting His Own Spinoff
Fuller House: Disturbing Allegations Behind Creator Jeff Franklin's Exit Revealed

A new legal filing details how Warner Bros. came to its decision to cut ties with

Lucifer Fans Already Started A Petition To Save The Show From Netflix For Season 6

Boy is the egg going to be in their faces if everyone dies in the Season 5 finale.

The Haunting Of Hill House's Carla Gugino Talks Chances Of Returning For Season 2's Bly Manor

Netflix's magnificent horror series will return for a new season, but will one of its biggest stars be returning?

Netflix Exec Gets Candid About Why Shows Like One Day At A Time Get Cancelled

Netflix isn't just cancelling shows willy nilly, regardless of what customers might think.

Black Mirror Season 5's Topher Grace Shares His Take On The Ending Of 'Smithereens'

That 70s Show vet Topher Grace talks about his recent turn in Netflix's Black Mirror.

Is Bryan Cranston In The Breaking Bad Movie? His Answers Are Kinda Confusing

Bryan Cranston is awesome, and we would love to see him back as Walter White. But will he return?

No, James Holzhauer Doesn't Think He's 'Changed' Jeopardy Forever

James Holzhauer partly revolutionized audience's interests in Jeopardy!, but did he affect the game itself?

It's Always Sunny's Mac And Charlie Are Making An Awesome New Streaming TV Show

Some of the funniest brains on TV have come up with a brand new TV show that fans can enjoy soon-ishly.

Counting On's Mary 'Grandma' Duggar Dead At 78, Family Mourns On Social Media

The Duggar family is mourning this week, as Grandma Duggar has passed away.

Steven Spielberg Is Creating A Horror TV Show And We Are Here For It

One of the greatest filmmakers of all time is gearing up to freak audiences out on the small screen.

Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid Of The Dark TV Revival Casts IT Star And More For Midnight Society

Submitted for your approval, the new cast members comprising the Midnight Society.

Fear The Walking Dead Showrunner Comments On Rick Grimes Connection

Fear the Walking Dead's co-head honcho offers a follow-up to the premiere's big reveal.

Fear The Walking Dead Introduced Legacies' Karen David For A Huge Walker Reveal

Fear the Walking Dead welcomed Karen David's grace, although the character had a most unwelcoming story to tell.

Why SNL Star Kenan Thompson's Return To Nickelodeon's All That May Disappoint Fans

Kenan Thompson is returning to Nickelodeon for All That's return, but it likely won't be what fans are hoping for.

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