There’s been a rash of Viking movies green-lit lately, and with every bout of miscasting (from Leonardo DiCaprio to Ryan Phillippe), I can’t help but think of Erik the Viking, one of my favorite guilty pleasure comedies. The movie features one of the best Viking miscastings of all: Tim Robbins, as Erik, a Viking who finds himself discontent with the life of plundering and raping, so he sets out to discover world peace.

The movie comes from Monty Python’s Terry Jones who apparently has been discontent with the movie since its 1989 debut: ” When the film came out in 1989 I was not happy at all with it. With the Monty Python movies I'd been a hands-on editor, yet with Erik The Viking I didn't get involved in the process until too late. I've always thought there was a better film in there, waiting to get out, and this new version is it!” Yes, that’s right, MGM is bringing a director’s cut of Erik the Viking to DVD.

The new director’s cut… or the “director’s son cut” will hit stores on December 4th and will feature a rearranged, tighter movie, cut down to 75-minutes. Along with the tighter film comes a remixed soundtrack, a director’s commentary, a making-of featurette from both 1989 and for the new director’s cut, and a photo gallery.

If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend Erik the Viking, which features Robbins along with John Cleese, Eartha Kitt, Mickey Rooney, and Terry Jones himself. I’ll be curious to see what the new director’s cut changes around.

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