I don’t get how the American Pie franchise keeps moving forward. It’s now had as many chapters released direcltly on DVD as it had in theaters, with a seventh film in production right now. We’ve already talked about the eclectic cast for the new picture, which will feature the return of franchise mainstay Eugene Levy, along with Gary Coleman, Sherman Hemsley, and Carrot Top. With that cast, the jokes just write themselves… albeit they aren’t the kind of jokes the movie can take advantage of.

Apparently all is not lost for American Pie 7. Moviehole reports that Rosanna Arquette (Desperately Seeking Susan, Pulp Fiction) will be joining the cast, playing a role that sort of riffs on what Eugene Levy did in the first film. Why Levy himself can’t do that is beyond me, especially since he insists on continuing along with the movies.

Is there interest in another American Pie flick? There must be, since the first six have been fairly successful, whether direct to DVD or not. We’ll see if Arquette’s presence makes any difference for the seventh movie, or if it just turns out to be another name we wonder how wound up attached to this series.

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