If you've heard of the horror movie Trick 'r Treat, out on DVD yesterday, it's probably from pieces like this one, wondering what had happened to the horror anthology after Warner Bros. repeatedly pushed back the theatrical release date and then put it off entirely into DVD.

The movie, much beloved by bloggers who saw it at special screenings at places like Austin's Alamo Drafthouse, is the feature directorial debut from Michael Dougherty, who wrote the screenplay for Superman Returns and X-Men 2, and based Trick 'r Treat off a short film he made. The movie follows interrelated stories all taking place on Halloween night, featuring scares that range from risen-from-the-dead ghouls to your typical serial killers, The movie stars the likes of Anna Paquin and Leslie Bibb, and yet, you'll have to trek down to Blockbuster or Netflix to see what some are calling the best horror movies since the original 1978 Halloween.

I hadn't had a chance to see Trick 'r Treat yet when I talked to director Dougherty at Comic Con in July, so instead we talked about the movie's troubled distribution history, why it's so hard to get a smart horror film made, and what he thinks the movie offers for a generation of horror fans raised on movies like Saw. He's a smart guy who seems to have taken his movie's struggles in stride, and will likely be making something equally as good-- and maybe more likely to get real distribution-- very soon. Check out our video interview below.

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