Last year’s Gulliver’s Travels rendition, replete with Jack Black, is hitting DVD and Blu-Ray on April 19th. The film bombed at the box office, but if you were a fan, Twentieth Century Fox is bringing you multiple choices with a variety of features, at a variety of prices.

There were two big problems with the flick before Gulliver’s Travels even went into production. The first: Jonathan Swift is a clever, but long-winded dude. Because of this, Gulliver’s Travels is an arduous book. It is no surprise Joe Stillman, the guy behind Shrek, could not dredge a good script out of the story, even though he did alright in his attempt to turn an 18th century satire into something for the modern world.

With that said, Gulliver’s Travels could have been really entertaining, even when it runs closer to ridiculous. Besides, director Rob Letterman had Jason Segel on board -- it’s nearly impossible to fuck up Segel. Should have made him Gulliver, nitwits. Then again, Gulliver’s Travels would have been an entirely different movie altogether without Jack Black’s over-the-top antics (you don’t even have to see this movie to know what I mean; just watch the preview).

On the other hand, if you think Jack Black is the bees knees, perhaps you found Gulliver’s Travels to be loveable instead of obnoxious, and silly instead of stupid. In that case, you’re going to want to hear about the special features. The three-disc triple play will be your best option as far as features go, and will include a Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital copy. The various features are listed below.

Three-Disc Triple Play Disc 1:Blu-ray
  • Gag Reel
  • Deleted Scenes
  • I Don't Know Exclusive Jack Black Piece
  • Little and Large
  • Jack Black Thinks Big
  • Down Time -- Fun Foosball Gulliver Style
  • Gulliver's Foosball Challenge
  • War Song Dance
  • Fox Movie Channel Presents: In Character Jack Black
  • Fox Movie Channel Presents: In Character Jason Segel
  • Life After Film School: Rob Letterman of Gulliver’s Travels
  • BD Live Extras
Disc 2: DVD

Disc 3: Digital Copy

Maybe the box office failure of Gulliver’s Travels is actually a blessing to everyone other than Fox. Perhaps it’ll mean Jack Black will go back to the small-dose roles we love him for, as seen in High Fidelity and Orange County.

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