See Extras From The Iron Man DVD Right Now

The computer never fails to amaze me with its many hidden treasures. Just the other day, I found a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff about Iron Man. It's all stuff from the Iron Man DVD.

What? You say the Iron Man DVD and Blu-Ray don’t even come out until September 30th? You say we said that in our DVD preview of the mega-movie? I guess someone has magical powers to get these DVD extras and put them on the mysterious computer box, just for you.

You can click on any of the three videos below. The first is director Jon Favreau talking about the Iron Man suit. Then he talks about the flying sequences and how he wanted them to not suck (good strategy!) Finally, you get to see them make a latex cast of Robert Downey Jr.’s chest and shoulders. It’s behind-the-scenestastic!

Making of Iron Man – Costume Design - Click here for another funny movie.

Making of Iron Man – How to Fly - For more of the funniest videos, click here

Making of Iron Man –Robert Downey Jr. Gets Painted - Watch more funny videos here