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Cinema Blend's 12 Days Of Christmas 08

10 Best Bits Of Christmas From Non-Christmas Movies
How about just a scene or two of Christmas in movies that are otherwise 100% secular? You know, a hint of pine needles, a twinkle of lights, and then the movie movies on-- and you can go ahead and brave the mall, or bake your cookies, or whatever else you do during the holiday season.
Top 5 Gaming Computers To Buy For Christmas
Blend Games is always looking out for gamers and their need to game-on with style and efficiency. So with the holiday season is in full-swing, and Christmas right around the corner, we decided to offer gamers a list of gaming computers worth purchasing before the jolliest time of the year is past and gone.
All I Want For Christmas Is X-Men
I want a lot of things for Christmas, but what I really want is to be able to sit down and revisit the X-Men cartoon series one more time. A DVD release, an aired in order super marathon, or at least a promise from Fox that some sort of option to own the complete series is in the works. So much of what I enjoy today at the movies and on television is informed by the stories I watched unfold each week at the X-Mansion.
Dear Santa: Outrageous Wishes The Fat Man Can’t Grant
It’s your old friend, Mack, writing to you again this festive season. Last year, I asked for a Jesse & The Rippers reunion tour, a Cub World Series, and an Amy Winehouse overdose. 0 for 3. Way to go, Clause. You now have a worse batting average than Randy Johnson (.127 vs. .000). Still, I’m a traditional type guy and since traditional type guys continue to ask you for absurd favors you’re unwilling to grant.
Ten Movies To Share With Your Kids This Christmas
It’s the Christmas season, which means your kids have extra time off from school to sit around watching TV, whether you like it or not. Now, you could try to discourage them from spending all their time in front of the TV screen, or try to get them doing something more interactive like video games. Or, you could use that time to share some classic stories with your kids that they might ordinarily not see.
Celebrity Invitations To A Christmas Party
If you could have dinner with any celebrity, who would it be? I know you’ve probably answered that question a thousand times, but it’s still a good judge of what type of person you are. But what if you were having a Christmas Party? Forget about your family. You can listen to Great Uncle Winston’s war stories during Easter. What if you were having a Christmas party and could invite anyone throughout history? Who would you invite?
Dear Santa: My TV-Themed Wishlist
Dear Santa, I know you’re a busy guy but if you get around to it, maybe after the holidays when things begin to wind down, here are a few requests I have:
Why Don't We Have New Christmas Music?
The status quo surrounding Christmas is a microcosm of the status quo engulfing all of our lives. It changes from Swiss Cake Rolls’ to Ho Ho’s. From David Cassidy’s to Leif Garrett’s. From hot tub’s to Jacuzzi’s. Personally, I like options.
Six Christmas Movies Even Better For Grown-Ups
Please, please, don't subject your friends to The Santa Clause this year, unless they too continue to share your affinity for Tim Allen. Instead check out one of these six classics to love, even when you don't spend Christmas Eve searching the sky for Santa.
DAY 10
Top 5 Most Wanted Holiday Downloadable Content
Once Thanksgiving is over, we're all listening to holiday songs on the radio, watching holiday episodes of television shows, and going to the theater to see holiday movies. We're just fiending for Santa crap around this time of year so why don't more game companies take advantage of our sentimentality with special DLC? Here's five pieces of downloadable content we'd love to see next December.
DAY 11
5 Must Own Non-Christmas Christmas Movies
With so much programming on television and in movies this time of year focused on Christmas and the holiday season, it’s hard to find entertainment for the Scrooges. Here’s five e non-Christmas, Christmas movies to enjoy around your personal Scrooges.
DAY 12
Not Brunching There For Christmas
Would it really be Christmas without a disappointing malaise lazing over the festivities? I think not. Still, there’s more than a mistletoe’s difference between Everybody Love Raymond level cattiness and Ryan Reynolds interacting with his mother in Just Friends. So, what’s the ideal situation? I’m not sure, but here are five real life celebrity families I have no interest in brunching with tomorrow afternoon.
Your Guide To Christmas Day Releases
Five movies are opening in wide release on Christmas Day, joined by two high profile limited releases and then, on Friday, one more limited prestige release. That's in addition to the two biggies from last weekend, Yes Man and Seven Pounds, which will be fighting extra hard for your attention since they made like no money last weekend. So to help you figure out which to see and which to skip, we've got a guide to Christmas Day releases.