House Of The Dragon’s Emma D’Arcy Shares Honest Thoughts On Becoming A Viral Meme

Emma D'Arcy talking about a Negroni Sbagliato with Prosecco with Olivia Cooke for HBO Max House of the Dragon interview
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If you've even just casually browsed on TikTok within the past month, you’ve likely heard the voice of House of the Dragon’s Emma D’Arcy say that a Negroni Sbagliato with Prosecco is their favorite drink before Olivia Cooke says “Oh, stunning!” over a few videos. This viral moment comes from an HBO Max interview the actors behind Rhaenyra and Alicent gave in promotion of the series. Now that the stars have gone viral for the most random reason, D’Arcy is sharing their honest thoughts on becoming a meme. 

Thanks to TikTok, this kind of situation is no longer one that only celebrities deal with. Anyone can become a famous sound on TikTok, which can then be recreated by the masses with new contexts if it catches on. That being said, it’s never something that would necessarily feel normal when it happens to someone. Since Emma D'Arcy's interview went viral, people have been making their favorite drink left and right and hanging on to D'Arcy's every word. Here’s what the House of the Dragon star said about the whole thing: 

I find that a perfect cocktail of surprising, bemusing, and intensely flattering. All of my body wants to give a flippant answer in terms of a great drink finally getting the recognition that it deserves. Very surreal and very lovely. I don't have anything illuminating to say on it because it's very hard to know how to react when you become a meme. Someone should write an essay on that, actually. I would definitely read it.

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly Emma D’Arcy kept it real, sharing that they are happy their choice drink is getting the spotlight. But, at the same time, D'Arcy doesn’t have any sort of rulebook or reference point to process becoming famous for saying a few words in their very specific, awe-inspiring way.


♬ a negroni sbagliato w prosecco l hbo max - hbomax

Their Negroni Sbagliato with Prosecco sound has spawned nearly 65 thousand videos (with more on the same subject likely not accounted for), with all kinds of TikTok uses. Many are using the sound to call themselves out for their “type” or love language, but at this point, it seems like it's applicable to just about anything. 

This meme came about because D'Arcy was promoting House of the Dragon which is their most high-profile role yet. They opened up about how they are still navigating stardom, and the popularity of the show, which remains rather fresh. D’Arcy spoke to their recent fame, saying: 

Suddenly there's like an avatar of you that exists in the world and it's separate from you, and yet maybe it still requires you as an energy source somehow. I'm learning about that relationship and learning to admire the avatar and allow the avatar a separate life and its own profession. And it's got its own occupation. I would like to read something on that, as well, actually.

Rhaenyra Targaryen was initially introduced in House of the Dragon with Milly Alcock’s performance as the heir to the Iron Throne. But in Episode 6, House of the Dragon aged up its characters with a massive time jump that positioned D’Arcy as an older Rhaenyra alongside Olivia Cooke taking over for Emily Carey as Alicent Hightower. It’s rumored that we’ve witnessed the last major time jump, and the actors currently playing their roles will continue to do so for the rest of the series. While the two actors are already well-known after the first season, it seems likely they will reach new levels of fame in the coming seasons based on how popular the show is.

The first season of House of the Dragon aired its shocking finale last weekend, and was followed with fun behind-the-scenes photos from the cast . It's safe to say the Game of Thorn's prequel had a successful first run, and fans are excited for Season 2. 

While it will be a while before the next season of HOTD, you can read up on the Targaryen Family Tree here on CinemaBlend as Emma D’Arcy saying a “Negroni Sbagliato with Prosecco in it” remains stuck in your head. You can also stream the entire first season using an HBO Max subscription.

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