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The Gods and Kings expansion pack for PC strategy game Civilization V will be arriving this summer. Today publisher 2K Games announced June release dates for the religion-themed expansion.

In Gods and Kings allows players to create their own religion. They can then try to spread their beliefs throughout the world. The game will also introduce new religious city-states that will help or hurt you in your quest for domination.

Espionage is another major part of the expansion. Players will be able to send spies into the cities of other countries in order to wreak havoc. For example, they can steal technology from rival civilizations.

The expansion includes a bunch of other brand new content as well. Nine new civilizations will add 27 units, 13 buildings and nine wonders to the game. Three historic scenarios will bring players back to medieval times, the fall of Rome, and a Victorian science fiction era.

Gods and Kings will arrive in North America on June 19th. The game will spread to other countries throughout the world on the 22nd.