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In case you weren’t feeling loved enough during Valentine’s Day, ChAIR Entertainment has decided to pass out some virtual hugs and kisses in the form of a free copy of Infinity Blade for iOS. Just remember that, in this game, “hugs and kisses” are more like “stabs and bludgeonings.”

Perhaps one of the best-known mobile games to date, Infinity Blade tasks players with tapping and swiping their various iDevices in order to wage medieval war against the forces of darkness in hand-to-hand (or sword to sword, really) combat. The twist comes in the form of how death is handled. When your character dies in Infinity Blade, their weapons and gear are passed on to their son, who becomes the next playable character. It’s a small thing but, in the end, Infinity Blade becomes the first game to let the player control an entire bloodline on a quest to destroy an ancient evil. I guess I just thought that was pretty neat.

Being named the App Store’s game of the week, the folks over at CHAIR have decided to celebrate both that honor and Valentine’s day by giving away Infinity Blade for free. Usually $5.99, you can grab it now for exactly zero dollars on iTunes.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Apple and to have Infinity Blade selected as ‘App of the Week,’” said Creative Director Donald Mustard. “Infinity Blade remains one of the most popular games in the App Store and this is a great opportunity to invite new gamers into the Infinity Blade universe.”

Once you download the app, be sure to equip the special Valentine’s Day Holiday Helm to continue your heartfelt celebration of cool armor and even cooler swords. Just remember to act soon, as the free giveaway only lasts through Feb. 21.

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