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Two mobile giants are set to collide later this month as Puzzle & Dragons gears up for a farfetched adventure featuring ferocious fowl. By which I of course mean the game is getting some Angry Birds content.

GungHo, developers of the hugely popular mobile game, Puzzle and Dragons are getting all lovey dovey with Rovio, the folks behind the equally beloved Angry Birds series. In a brilliant bit of collaboration, the stars of Angry Birds will be making an appearance in Puzzle & Dragons for a limited time. From Monday, Nov. 18, through Sunday, Dec. 1, players will be able to dive into an Angry Birds -themed dungeon absolutely crawling with the feathered critters. According to Puzzle & Dragons creator Daisuke Yamamoto, the team at GungHo is veryexcited to be working with Rovio on this special content.

Angry Birds is one of the most recognizable entertainment franchises in the world, and we are thrilled to be working alongside Rovio to give our fans a look at what it would be like if Angry Birds characters invaded the world of Puzzle & Dragons.”

For those unfamiliar with the game, Puzzle & Dragons is sort of a cross between Puzzle Quest and Pokemon. If that comparison doesn’t have you eagerly downloading the app already, I’m not sure we can stay friends.

In the game, players enter dungeons and square off against monsters using a gem-busting interface and special abilities provided by their monster pals. Chaining combos and using abilities is the best road to victory. Do well enough and you can even capture some new monster companions, which you can then train and take into combat. As the monsters grow stronger, they will evolve and learn new elemental abilities.

Now take all of that, throw in some Angry Birds-inspired monsters and environments, and you’ve got the makings of a very awesome crossover experience.

To grab Puzzle & Dragons free of charge, head on over to iTunes or Google Play and get to downloading. Familiarize yourself with the game, then get ready to enjoy that Angry Birds content in just a couple of weeks.

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