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This week's PlayStation Plus offerings couldn't possibly be at further ends of the spectrum. One is a monochromatic indie puzzle platformer, Limbo, while the other is a bombastic AAA first-person shooter, Battlefield 4. There are also a few discounts to take advantage of this week, for those of you who like to save a few bucks.

For the record, one of this week's “free” games comes with an additional technicality. True, you must be a Plus subscriber to take advantage of either of these offers but, for Battlefield 4, your access to the game is quite a bit more limited than other games. And by “limited,” I mean you're going to have a little less than a day to jump in and experience all of the game you can cram in.

Whether this is an apology for an extremely turbulent launch or an attempt to bring more virtual soldiers into the fold is unclear, but a trial version of Battlefield 4 will be available once the PlayStation Network weekly update goes live later this afternoon. Only available on the PlayStation 3, we're not sure how long, exactly, this trial version of the game will be available. But unlike most trial versions of games, you won't be getting just a couple of hours with Battlefield 4, according to the official announcement.

So, here's how it works: Once the weekly update goes live, you can grab the trial version of Battlefield 4, which includes the entirety of the base game. From the moment you first boot the game up, a countdown will start ticking off 20 full hours. In other words, you'll want to plan your start time according to when you'll have the most playtime available, and maybe just skip sleeping for the day. Whether you want to plow through the game's story mode in that day (totally possible seeing how short it is) or jump into online matches is up to you. After 20 hours, if you're still having fun, nothing's stopping you from picking up the full game for unlimited access from here on out. Either way, a day-long free rental doesn't sound so bad.

The other Plus game on offer this week is yours for quite a bit longer, being added to your Instant Game Collection until the day your Plus account expires. By now, you probably know the deal on Limbo at this point, the short and haunting tale of a young boy lost in a mysterious world. This particular Plus offering is for the Vita version of the game. If you haven't played it yet, or simply feel like avoiding death on the go, then give it a download once this afternoon's update goes live.

Finally, there are a hand full of Plus discounts to take advantage of starting this week. The new Vita RPG Mind Zero is marked down from $33.99 to $27.99 while creepy first-person adventure game, Master Reboot, for the PS3 is chopped in half from $14.99 to $7.64.

Also, The LEGO Movie Videogame has been discounted on all three Sony Platforms. You can pick it up for $40.49 on the PlayStation 4, $33.75 on the PlayStation 3 or $20.24 on the PlayStation Vita.

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