After there had been murmurings of a sequel to Ubisoft’s first Watch Dogs game, it seems Ubisoft thought it was time to officially announce the week before E3. And along with an official website for the sequel, Watch Dogs 2 also got its first teaser trailer.


As expected, the teaser video doesn’t show much. It just shows someone hacking from a smartphone, which is what the first Watch Dogs was all about. 

The teaser website, which was shared alongside the teaser trailer today, indicates a countdown to an announcement event scheduled on June 8 at 9:00 AM PDT. We can safely assume this is the moment Ubisoft will officially be revealing the next game in the Watch Dogs series. 

This is very similar to what EA and DICE did for the Battlefield 1 reveal, building hype around announcing the sequel to a major franchise and then letting it loose on the world at the given time and date noted on the “teaser” website. And I guess I can’t blame Ubisoft for wanting to follow in EA and DICE’s footsteps, after seeing how overwhelmingly successful the reveal was and how many people just loved the trailer. 

I played a little bit of the first Watch Dogs game and thought it was interesting, but I’m hoping for something a little bigger and better this time around. What made the Battlefield 1 reveal so great is that they built up all of this hype and when they revealed the game, Battlefield 1 was worth so much more than all of the hype combined. It was the cherry on top. And if Watch Dogs 2 is really as great as Ubisoft is making it out to be, then I have hope the reveal won’t be disappointing.

But if you read a recent article we published yesterday about a video that surfaced on YouTube showing the extreme differences in Ubisoft’s gameplay from E3 to release day, then you know Ubisoft isn’t really known to make promises and stick with them. But if it’s one thing Ubisoft at least knows how to do, it’s creating hype at E3. Even if half of the cool things we see in the Watch Dogs 2 reveal on June 8 get axed when it releases, it’s still rewarding to see it all in action, even if just for a moment. 

As mentioned above, you can tune in to Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 teaser website on June 8 at 9:00AM PDT to watch the official reveal. 
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