The Legend Of Zelda Trailer Shows Off The Huge Open World

Nintendo officially announced that the newest Legend of Zelda for the Wii U and Nintendo NX, which is due for release next year, will officially be called the Breath of the Wild. They offered gamers a look at the extensive new gameplay options available via the E3 2016 trailer.

The Verge quickly rolled out some basic info on the game and how players will be able to climb on things, cut down trees and engage in a far more advanced combat system, but during the Nintendo Treehouse Live event gamers were able to see lots of new things and gain tons of insight into the gameplay for this new Legend of Zelda title.

One of the big new additions to the game is the Sheika Slate, which allows Link to interact with mystic objects scattered around Hyrule. The Slate can also be used to pinpoint locations on the map, the equivalent of setting navigation points on other games like GTA.

Marking locations is also important for finding Shrines. These Shrines allow Link to tackle puzzles and earn runes. Runes are scattered around the game world and enable players to access all new kinds of powers, including magnetic abilities that allow Link to move metallic objects around.

Finding runes, orbs and other hidden objects can be discovered by scavenging through more than 100 Shrines scattered across Hyrule.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild also sports a cool new feature where players can practically climb anything. Link has a new stamina meter where gliding, climbing, running and fighting will drain the meter, but he can practically use the skills just about anywhere. During the Treehouse demo the staff demonstrated how Link could practically grab onto anything and climb it. This can be used to climb trees, climb rocks, climb mountains and walls that aren't smooth surfaces.

The combat in The Legend of Zelda has seen a drastic overhaul compared to previous games. Link can now disarm enemies and pick up their weapons to use against them. Similar to the Elder Scrolls games and Dark Souls, it's possible to have weapons break, so players will have to keep an ample supply of weapons on hand.

Link can still dodge, block and roll, but he can also jump for the first time in a Legend of Zelda game. The jumping can be used to climb up on things or use it for attacks.

Physics also play a big part in the game. The trailer shows Link chopping down a tree in this newest Legend of Zelda title, but that's not a one-off moment. Link can chop down practically any tree in the game and can use them as platforms, or even to have them fall over on enemies and crush them, or he can chop them up some more and gather up the wood to use it for firewood.

Hunting animals is possible for gathering food, which can help heal Link. And new to this game -- in addition to the physics-based elements that allow players to pick up and throw objects or destroy objects -- is a dynamic weather system that will affect Link's health. You can dress up Link in various outfits for different conditions, such as needing thicker clothes for colder environments, or heavy armor when fighting against difficult opponents. You can even have Link run around in nothing but his underwear.

There's still no exact release date on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild but we do know it's launching next year on the Wii U and the Nintendo NX.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.