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3 Of The Scariest Slasher Video Games You Need To Keep An Eye On

Ever since the release of Until Dawn, slashed-themed survival horror games have quickly risen in popularity, making them the newest hit in the genre. But there are a select few you should really be paying attention to.

Friday The 13th: The Game

Friday The 13th: The Game was around back when Until Dawn first debuted and really put a kick in the slasher gaming genre. Just this year at E3, we got the first glimpse of Friday The 13th gameplay, and it showed an epic scene where Jason busts in on one of his victims. We also got to see the game from the victim's perspective, both looking drastically different. This is probably one of the most highly anticipated slasher games in 2016, probably because of its appeal to not only gamers, but also horror movie fans who can't get enough of a cheesy 80's slasher.

Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight had a pretty nice setup at E3 this year, complete with the villain, himself, walking around and stalking unknowing victims in the crowd. And I stood right behind him and he was a pretty big dude, very much like the Jason Voorhees we all know and love. But good marketing isn't the only reason you should be psyched about this game. Dead By Daylight isn't just another Friday The 13th: The Game copycat. It has its own unique thing going on. Dead By Daylight pits four players against one other player, who is the lone villain. While the survivors play in third-person perspective, the villain takes on his victims in first-person, to give a more immersive feel for the character. And the survivors aren't going to be totally useless like they are in Friday The 13th: The Game. Survivors will be able to use things like traps to fight back against the killer, and they also have a speed advantage because we of course never seen a villain running after their victims. That means escaping might be a little easier.

Last Year

Last Year is probably one of the most mediocre games on this list, which still isn't even that bad compared to some other slasher games that are trying to make it against Until Dawn and Friday The 13th: The Game. Last Year plays a lot like Dead By Daylight, except it pits five players against a killer, and all of the survivors are based off of classic high school clique stereotypes like the jock and the nerd. That right there kind of plays on the Friday The 13th vibe, which also has its fair share of high school stereotypes. But as the killer, the player will have the chance to try out multiple killer types, each with their own set of abilities and weapons. And the best part of all is killers can hop into predator mode and turn invisible while they hunt their prey.

What's great about all of these games is they are all somewhat similar, yet they each have elements that make them completely different. In terms of which one I think will be better, it's really hard to tell at this point. It's going to take a lot of gameplay time to make a final decision, but all three of these games have a lot of potential to be great.

Friday The 13th: The Game will be releasing later this year, Dead By Daylight was released during E3 on June 14 and _Last Year _is set for release in November of this year.