Dead By Daylight Reveals What It'll Be Like To Play As The Killer In New Video

It’s no secret that slasher video games have certainly been a growing interest in 2016, especially with the upcoming release of Friday The 13th: The Game. Dead By Daylight is a game heavily focused on the slasher gameplay, where the story pits four survivors against a killer. Behavior Interactive and Starbreeze Studios have finally revealed what the gameplay will be like as the killer

In comparison to playing as a survivor in Dead By Daylight, playing as the Killer requires a much different perspective of the game. You have to think like a killer. For example, after slashing someone, you can leave their body and hang around for when their friends arrive and try to help, taking the opportunity to slash them as well. Or you can go on a hunt to find the others on your own. 

The killers will get four perks and offerings in the game, just like the survivors do. Also it’s important to note the different kinds of gameplay views in Dead By Daylight. The killers will see the world in first-person, which as developers described in the above video, will allow the killer to be more focused, because let’s be honest, the killer is not the one who’s afraid. He’s the one who’s focused on doing the killing. 

Ever wondered how Michael Myers always knew where someone was hiding? Killers in Dead By Daylight will also get heightened senses in order to seek out their prey; they’ll be able to see noises. So while the maps seem bleak and cloaked in darkness, noises will light up in orange, helping them to stand out from the rest of the background. 

The kinds of killers survivors will be going up against ranges from everything you’ve ever seen in a horror flick like paranormal entities to unstoppable slasher killers. 

While the slasher genre seems to have been propelled by the release of Until Dawn last year, it’s still hanging on with such upcoming titles as Dead By Daylight. For me, the slasher game has to be done right in order for me to think I’ll enjoy it. It can’t just be mass hysteria, but I think the multiplayer aspect of Dead By Daylight will be just as as playing the multiplayer in Left 4 Dead when players could choose to be the zombie or the survivor, so I have high hopes. 

Dead By Daylight will be releasing this fall on PC. For more information you can visit the official website