How Pokemon Go Destroyed One Man's Entire Career


So it turns out that Pokemon GO might be the most dangerous game on the planet. Officially out in the United States only a few days, the game is already causing folks quite a bit of trouble. One guy, in particular, may have actually ruined his entire career because of the new mobile game.

For the uninitiated, Pokemon GO is an altered reality game that lets people hunt those legendary pocket-sized monsters in the real world. You might come across a Pokemon in your home, or you might need to walk down the street to snag the critter with nothing more than your smartphone. Just point, swipe and, if you're lucky, you'll have something to add to your collection. There are loads of other mechanics at play, of course, but that should give you an idea of why this game is becoming so problematic.

Imagine looking out your front window and seeing a stranger standing in your yard with their phone raised up, as if taking a picture. Imagine spotting a rare Pokemon in the game but, wouldn't you know it, you need to hop a stranger's fence to grab it.

From Pokemon showing up in police stations to folks causing traffic accidents, walking into harms way, and actually finding a dead body out in the wild, it turns out Pokemon GO is putting people into some tough situations.

The latest noteworthy incident popped up on reddit yesterday under the appropriately titled thread, "Today I fucked up." That's where user scarstruck4 explained how Pokemon Go may have cost him a career.

In the post, scarstruck4 states that, at the age of 23, they work for a Banking/IT company. Due to the sensitivity of their work, they are allowed to use their cellphones on the job, but taking pictures is a very, very big no-no.

The poster explains that they grew up in the 90's loving all things Pokemon so, when they saw that Pokemon GO had launched on iOS, they downloaded the game and booted it straight up. You see where this is going, yes?

Within moments, the poster had located a flying Zubat and raised their phone to attempt a catch. He goes on to explain that holding his phone up like that made him look exactly like he was taking a bunch of selfies.

The next thing you know, someone from management has confiscated the phone and actually has to send it out-of-country to corporate headquarters where the data on the phone will be picked apart to make sure there is no information pertaining to the business' clients on said phone. Apparently he took some screenshots of a program he was working on, which has him in panic mode.

If things go south, he'll not only be fired from his job, but he'll be blacklisted from the industry. That's a pretty terrifying situation to be put in all over attempting to catch a damn Zubat.

Just remember, Pokemon GO players: Turning on the game doesn't mean you have to turn off your brain. Think things through and enjoy your new Pokemon game responsibly.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.