Here’s How To Choose What Your Evee Evolves Into In Pokemon Go

For the longest time, many believed that the only way to evolve Evee was to do it randomly without any control over what form Evee evolved into of the three: Flareon, Vaporeon and Jolteon. But now it appears there's a hack to actually choose what your Evee evolves into and we tested out the theory to see if it works.

Luckily when I learned of this information from GamesRadar, I had enough Evee candies to evolve it twice and a ton of stardust to use up, so I wanted to test this theory myself before writing about it. Obviously it worked, twice in a row, confirming that the hack actually does work, and here's how you can do it too.

First, take the Evee you want to evolve and edit its name. You can do this by pressing the little pencil next to the name of your Pokemon. If you want Jolteon, you must type Sparky, for Flareon type Pyro and for Vaporeon type Rainer. These are the names of the three Evee brothers from the Pokemon anime series. And if you get confused, think of the types of Pokemon they are, like Rainer has to do with water so it's related to Vaporeon, Pyro is someone who is addicted to fire hence Flareon and Sparky is related to electricity relating to Jolteon.

Once you have successfully changed your Pokemon's name, now you can evolve it. Evee should turn into the evolution of your choice based on what brother's name you used. You can see the screenshots below.

I wish I had known about this little trick sooner before I went around telling people I met that there was no way to choose how to evolve Evee. Evee is one of the only Pokemon who can evolve into three different types of Pokemon in Pokemon Go. On the other hand, evolving Evee in Pokemon games like X and Y is a little more complicated. Evee can actually evolve into more than three forms including the three mentioned above, plus Umbreon, Espeon, Glaceon, Leafeon and Sylveon. At least, I haven't encountered another Pokemon in Pokemon Go that has a randomized evolution like that yet.

Whether it's a bug or not, at least for now we can choose which version of Evee we want to evolve into, but if it is a bug, that means there's a limited time for when this hack is available. So play the heck out of Pokemon Go until you find enough Evees to evolve it and take advantage of it before it's fixed.