Watch A Huge Crowd Of Pokemon Go Players Rush Into Central Park For A Rare Pokemon

A bunch of people in Central Park in New York City gathered on one night in an attempt to capture one of the rare, evolved Pokemon in Niantic Labs and Nintendo's Pokemon Go. There's a 41 second video of the crazy event taking place.

The video comes courtesy of Vimeo user Woodzys. According to Gothamist, hundreds of people rushed into Central Park in order to capture the rare Vaporeon in Pokemon Go. It's one of the evolved forms of Eevee, featuring more power attacks and new abilities. Plus, a lot of people love the way Vaporeon looks.

The video doesn't catch the start of the stampede, but manages to see a flood of people pulling up in their cars, running into the park and all attempting to catch Vaporeon. Gothamist makes a very observant note that the scene almost reflects the actual Pokemon Go promotional ad where thousands of people flooded New York's Time Square in order to battle the ultra rare Mewtwo. If you don't remember what the promo looks like, check it out below.

Crazy right?

It's almost scary how prescient Nintendo was in recognizing how big a phenomenon Pokemon Go would become. It makes you wonder if there will actually be organized, officially sponsored tournaments for Pokemon Go or if it's just going to stay an exercise app that forces people to get up and go outside (or to a lesser extent, strap their phone to a ceiling fan)?

In a way, this highlights just how popular Pokemon Go has become. It's crazy that people are this engaged into the free-to-play app. In fact, it's shocking just how many adults were out there at Central Park willing to get in on the action to capture the Vaporeon.

A lot of the commenters on the Gothamist article take a lot of jabs at the popularity of Pokemon Go and the app's general upsurge in usage from kids and adults alike.

The game hasn't been all sunshine and roses, though. There have been an instance where there was a Pokemon Go crash that turned out to be fatal, and there have been some instances where gamers have come across dead bodies. Some truly bizarre tales for the mobile app, I know.

Nevertheless, Pokemon Go is continually blazing a trail into uncharted territory, easily becoming one of the most talked about and popular apps from within gaming that managed to breach into mainstream.

It's pretty crazy stuff.

Nevertheless, if Pokemon Go continues to see these kind of wild events taking place across various cities in various regions, it won't be long before moments like the ones featured in the promo trailer become commonplace.

The game is available right now in the United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Spain, Germany and Portugal just to name a few, but it will be arriving soon in other countries as well.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.