What Countries Don't Have Pokemon Go Yet But Are Getting It Soon

Pokemon Go
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Pokemon Go is currently making the rounds in various countries and it's coming soon to a country near you (most likely). A list of the countries that have the game and are getting the game is out, and you can see if your region has made the cut.

IGN did a quick rundown of the lists, which you can check out below.

Countries that have Pokemon Go:

United States


New Zealand

United Kingdom





Countries Yet To Get Pokemon Go:










United Arab Emirates




South Korea


A couple of things need to be pointed out, though. Those countries listed above that have not yet received Pokemon Go aren't necessarily guaranteed to get it. While some may be receiving it soon, such as Canada, France and Mexico, other countries are not quite confirmed to receive Pokemon Go.

For instance, China is on the list, but there are some serious security concerns preventing the game from releasing in that region. Some rumors have spread that it may be due to China not wanting to give away their military positions because people might recognize that Pokemon left uncaptured in certain regions would instantly mean it's a restricted civilian zone.

The Chinese government has not confirmed these rumors and have noted that the game wasn't important enough for them to comment on at the moment. The biggest hurdle with releasing Pokemon Go in China is the fact that there are serious restrictions on Google Maps in the region, and Pokemon Go can't function effectively without Google Maps. They also would have to contend with China's censorship regulations, which is something that also prevented Microsoft and Sony from making full use of their respective consoles' libraries when they released them in China a while back.

South Korea also has some issues with Google Maps, mostly to do with compliance with North Korean policy, but Niantic Labs believes that Pokemon Go shouldn't have too many problems releasing in the region.

It's more shocking that Pokemon Go hasn't released in Sweden and Japan yet, but Japan's launch is coming very soon along with some of the other large regions where the game is bound to be big, like Latin and South America.

At the moment, Pokemon Go is one of the top used apps in the regions where it has been made available and continues to make Nintendo and Niantic Labs tons of money thanks to the cash shop microtransactions. I do wonder how well the game will fare in a country like Brazil, where having kids venture out and about could prove to be dangerous in some regions. Then again, there is a new request and support form available for Pokemon Go that allows users to submit requests for PokeStop locations as well as requests to label certain locations as dangerous.

It likely won't be long before we see Pokemon Go rolling out in some of the countries listed above. The ones that don't have it yet are probably top priority for Niantic Labs, and once they get some of the server issues resolved in some of the regions, expect to see Pokemon Go rolling out shortly thereafter.

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