What It Takes To Catch Every Pokemon In Pokemon Go, According To The First User Who Caught Them All

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One diligent Pokemon Go player has managed to catch them all, just like the cartoon's theme song implores all good Pokemon trainers to do. It wasn't easy and it takes a lot to accomplish the task.

According to GamesRadar, what it takes to catch every single Pokemon in Pokemon Go is a strong pair of legs, a willingness to go out at night, and plenty of eggs to hatch.

Over on Reddit, user ftb_hordor explained to the masses how he managed to do so by responding to comments throughout an explosive thread on the Pokemon Go sub-Reddit that simply states "I caught every Pokemon currently available in the United States".

It's mentioned that two of the Pokemon are region locked and a few of them have yet to be patched into the U.S., version of Pokemon Go. This brought ftb_hordor's total to 142 Pokemon... just eight shy of the 150 standard.

He notes that a lot of his time was spent walking around New York, catching ghost Pokemon at night, grass Pokemon in the parks, and water Pokemon by the bay. Ftb_hodor drops a few stats about how much walking had to be done in order to catch them, writing....

Game recorded 153km, but it's not all that accurate, and according to the Health app i've walked 129.04 miles in that time (almost all of that would be with the game open), or about 200km.

In a separate comment within the thread (which seemed to turn into an Ask Me Anything), hodor mentioned that on average he was walking about eight miles a day while playing Pokemon Go. I imagine his legs must be really muscular by now.

But the most important question is: will ftb_hodor keep catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go as more become available? Seems unlikely based on his comments. He's already a level 31 Pokemon trainer and he has no intentions of getting to level 40, stating that he would rather focus on real-life goals and growing a business he's working for instead of putting all of his energy, focus and attention into Pokemon Go.

Essentially, catching all the Pokemon is most certainly possible, it just requires a lot of time, patience, going outdoors and... exercise.

It would seem as if bike riders and joggers would benefit the most from playing Pokemon Go since they travel about frequently and get to explore more parts of the city than the average person, the same goes for couriers, who would make for excellent Pokemon trainers if they could stop every so often to catch a few Pokemon along their routes.

While a great many stories flooding the news at the moment surrounding Niantic Labs and Nintendo's new mobile app phenomena seem negative or aimed at propagating fear-mongering, there are still plenty of stories circulating as well giving gamers some feel-good moments as people like ftb_hodor manage to catch all of the available Pokemon in the game while putting in some serious workout time while doing so. It's definitely an inspiration for healthy gaming.

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