People Are Selling Their Pokemon Go Accounts For A Ton Of Money

Pokemon Go Listing
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A lot of people are auctioning off their Pokemon Go accounts on eBay for fairly high prices, some of which are going for $900. However, many of these accounts have no bids and no offers, but that hasn't stopped wishful Pokemon Go players from hoping for the best.

Gizmodo is reporting that a new fad to sweep the _Pokemon Go _ nation is to attempt to sell your account on eBay. This includes decking out your character with as many items as possible, as many Pokemon captures as possible, and as many coins as possible, and then selling it for a price befitting those options.

Some users have their level 21 accounts listed for $900. The Pokemon Go account from user endlesslove4 has been receiving moderate views on the offer, around 30 per hour as of the writing of this article. They're a low-level seller on eBay, though, and it may deter some potential buyers away.

More reasonably priced entries on eBay actually have bids. In one case, user michaegaon -- another low-level eBay user -- decided to price their account much lower on the totem, asking for only $15.00. Two people actually bidding on the account, raising the value to $15.50. It's only a level 13 with the option to choose the character and team name, and it comes with 50 free Poke Coins.

This is all against the terms of service of eBay. The company had to deal with account selling back during the days when World of Warcraft, Everquest and Guild Wars were flooding headlines. That was back when people could sell accounts for tens of thousands of dollars and had extremely high-level characters with high-level gear and tons of gold to spare. That was back during the golden age of MMOs, when City of Heroes was popular and not many people had the muscle in their rig to run City of Villains on the max settings.

Times have changed, however, and eBay is no longer tolerant of account selling. While some people may think they're being clever attempting to sell their Pokemon Go accounts on eBay, the reality is that it won't last long and won't be tolerated by the user-auction site.

In fact, not too long ago a bunch of gamers tried selling their PlayStation 4 units on eBay with their hard drive data intact because Konami had permanently pulled Hideo Kojima's P.T. Demo from the PlayStation Network and cancelled the reboot of Silent Hills. Given that the _P.T. Demo _had become a collector's item, many people tried selling their hard drives on eBay for gamers who hadn't managed to get their hands on the software. This was a big no-no and eBay stepped in to shut it all down.

It won't be long before the company pulls all the listings of the Pokemon Go accounts as well.

Gizmodo jokes that people buying these accounts are lazy and why would they want to pay money not to play a game, but gamers have been asking publishers the same thing when it comes to microtransactions that allow you to pay for level-ups, cheats and access to end-game content. I mean, why did you just pay $60 for a game and then pay additional money not to have to play the game?

In this case, a lot of people are probably going to keep trying to make a quick buck selling mid and high-level Pokemon Go accounts on eBay, and when that doesn't work out you can likely expect to see plenty of those same people head to Craigslist to sell their accounts.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.