How Zipcar Is Helping Pokemon Go Players

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The chauffeur service Zipcar is fine-tuning how they operate to accommodate a very large and active crowd... a crowd known as Pokemon Go players. The service has announced that they will be providing services for those who need to zip around town in a car, but don't want to risk driving attempting to catch Pokemon in Niantic Labs mobile app.

Game Informer is reporting that Zipcar is currently offering their services in Boston, Massachusetts, where gamers can ping them through their Twitter account @Zipcar and request a ride to a specified destination. They run from 10am to 4pm and offer snacks, water and chargers for mobile phones or tablets.

This is a pretty cool thing for people who feel like traveling around to capture Pokemon using Pokemon Go but don't want to get behind the wheel. Zipcar's rental services are bound to become popular if Pokemon Go continues to maintain its popularity. They're even offering a customary free weekend to help lure in potential rental car customers.

While this might seem like yet another cash-in on the very popular Pokemon Go phenomenon, the reality is that there have been multiple reports about people attempting to drive and play the game at the same time. This has unfortunately resulted in several car crashes, including a man totaling his car and another man running into the back of a cop car while playing Pokemon Go.

These kind of incidents certainly won't die down, but having Zipcar provide services to at least help minimize risks and damages spawned from people attempting to play a drive is a decent thing. Of course, the common sense tactic should be to simply not play _Pokemon Go _ and drive at the same time, but people will be people.

Not all negative news stories have actually involved people making bad mistakes while playing. Some of the stories involve a pregnant woman being hit by a car while she was playing the game with friends. Another story involved a teenager stumbling upon a dead body while attempting to capture some water Pokemon down by a river, close to where she lived. The body she found was less than 24 hours old.

One of the controversial cases involved two teenage boys who were out at 1am in the morning when a Florida man raced out of his house with a gun to shoot at them because he thought they were up to no good. The man sprayed the car with bullets, flattening the tire and putting holes in the rear and side of the car. The two teenage boys managed to make it out unscathed.

Pokemon Go even spawned a dating service called PokeDates, which is a service attempting to get more people to meet face to face, offline, as opposed to relying on trying to find love through the digital infrastructure of the internet.

In the case of Zipcar, they probably feel as if they've found a convenient way to offer a needed service that will limit accidents and also still afford Pokemon Go players with an opportunity to get to their destinations without worrying about crashing a car.

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