Since its release a couple days ago, Pokemon Go has been the center of the gaming and social world. And while it seems like everyone is playing it, there are a few things you might want to know before diving in head-first.

1. Understand What Kind Of Pokemon Live Where

This is maybe one of the most important aspects of Pokemon Go. The game is set up so that certain Pokemon only pop up in certain locations. For example, don't expect to find a Magikarp or a Staryu in the middle of the desert. Water Pokemon will be more available around real-life water locations like ponds, oceans and lakes. I tested this out last night where I went to a local park that had a small, man-made lake. I wanted to see just how small of a body of water was needed to catch water Pokemon. And yes, smaller lakes still count. But knowing this ahead of time is extremely important for finding the Pokemon that you desire the most.

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