You Won’t Need PlayStation Plus To Play No Man’s Sky, Get The Details

(Image credit: Hello Games)

No Man's Sky has been one of the most highly anticipated independent games this summer not just for its vibrant art style, but also for how massive and ambitious the game seems to be. And when the game releases next month, you won't have to have a PlayStation Plus subscription to play it.

In a statement to Game Informer, Sony stated,

PS Plus won't be a requirement to play online, however you will need to connected to the internet for your discoveries to register with the universal atlas.

While the universe in No Man's Sky will technically be shared by players, the vast size of the space in-game with over 18 quintillion possible locations makes it very slim that a player will run into another player. Therefore, it kind of defeats the purpose of having an online multiplayer capability, which in turn cancels out any reason to need PlayStation Plus to play online.

Hello Games first announced No Man's Sky in 2013, so it makes sense that the game has been in development for even longer than that. What has stood out so much about this game is just how vast it's going to be, with, as mentioned above, 18 quintillion opportunities for exploration. That's a lot of exploring for one game.

What draws me so much to this game is my need to want to explore this seemingly foreign place, to discover new locations. I don't think I've ever played a game that had such a fast area for exploration. I mean, Fallout 4 only goes so far. Skyrim is vast, but it doesn't feel as vast as something like No Man's Sky. I think a big part of that feeling comes from the fact that it takes place in space, and since space is just so unexplored, No Man's Sky gives us the opportunity to finally explore that "unknown frontier," to venture out into the true unknown. I really think that's what does it for me, just being able to explore something I've never seen before. Forests and woods and mountains, I've seen. But space? That's something I can't say I've ever had the opportunity to see.

Games like No Man's Sky isn't just a game you can blow through to see how it ends. It's a game where you can take your time and really see the sights. It's games like this that really create an unforgettable experience, because unlike games like Uncharted or Rise Of The Tomb Raider where there is a clear storyline with a beginning, middle and end, No Man's Sky lets you write your own story. And it's strange because I'm usually not one to play games that have so much exploration above the story, but No Man's Sky just has me hooked.

Hello Games will be releasing No Man's Sky on August 9 and the game has gone gold, so it won't be delayed again, thankfully. If you'd like more information, you can visit the official website.