Ubisoft's Operation Skull Rain's DLC is prepping to roll out on August 2nd for Rainbow Six: Siege. The trailer for the DLC covers the two new operatives and some of the new equipment that will be at the disposal of players. You can check out the DLC trailer, which shows off the awesome new content.

The Rainbow Six: Siege trailer comes courtesy of Ubisoft's YouTube channel, and it focuses on the two BOPE operatives from the special military police that operate with near zero-tolerance in the most dangerous parts of Brazil.

The Operation Skull Rain DLC only lightly touches on Brazil's tumult by pitting BOPE against high-tech criminals within the favelas. One of the new features that they've added for the BOPE operative Caveira is the takedown and interrogate ability. This allows Caveira to pinpoint the locations of enemies after successfully subduing and interrogating an opponent.

The second character, Capitoa, gains access to the new weapon in Rainbow Six: Siege, the crossbow. The new weapon has two different kinds of bolts, one is an asphyxiating bolt and the other is a smoke bolt, the second of which can be used to cloud up a room and enable fellow teammates to storm the area undetected.

Ubisoft has also included 50 additional improvements to the game, but they didn't cover each of them in the trailer above.

The real-life BOPE has resulted in a lot of controversy from the public due to their extreme measures in dealing with violent suspects, as well the fact that it furthers the topic of debate about militarizing public spaces for the sake of "safety".

Then again, the violent crimes and the gangs in the favelas can't really be ignored, and it's one of the unsung topics of discussion that appears only in visual representation within Rainbow Six: Siege and the new Operation Skull Rain DLC.

Given that Rainbow Six has always been about collecting the brightest, bravest and most dangerous men and women from various global enforcement agencies, it does seem long overdue for BOPE to make their presence known within Ubisoft's shooter franchise. In fact, the popularity (or infamy) of the organization was raised after Jose Padilha's series of movies covering the corruption and crime in Brazil called Elite Squad. They're hard-hitting, no-holds-barred films that really bring to light the layered complexity of crime and corruption run amok in the region.

The comments below the trailer have a lot of people singing Ubisoft's praises, as well as asking desperately for a story mode. The whole BOPE angle could be a story all unto itself, there's a lot to tell there and the region is ripe for the picking. It's amazing that Ubisoft has yet to find a way to integrate a well told story from that region into a Rainbow Six game. Nevertheless, if the DLC is popular enough maybe we'll see a proper campaign mode down the line? Or at least, one can hope.

The Rainbow Six: Siege Operation Skull Rain DLC characters will be available for season pass holders starting August 2nd. For everyone else the characters will be made available on August 9th. The Favela map will be free for everyone.

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