Final Fantasy XV Has A Season Pass You Can Buy, But There's A Catch

Final Fantasy XV
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Square Enix has a season pass available for Final Fantasy XV. It features additional downloadable content and it's price is included in the digital premium edition. The only problem is that there's a catch: we don't know what's in the season pass.

Over on the PlayStation Store they have the listing for the Final Fantasy XV season pass. It's set to be made available with the launch of the highly anticipated JRPG starting September 30th for the home consoles. The season pass upgrade is part of the digital premium edition for $85, which also includes the base game.

According to Game Informer the season pass would be priced at around $25 given that the standard Final Fantasy XV release will be $60, thus bringing the premium edition up to $85. You cannot purchase the season pass individually, for some odd reason, but it is listed on the PlayStation Store as something you can add to your wishlist.

The major problem is that there's no telling what's in the season pass because there's nothing listed as far as content is concerned. The description page for the pass repeats two sentences two times over, stating...

The Season Pass allows you to download additional content. This Upgrade is a special deal for customers who have already preordered the FINAL FANTASY XV digital edition.

Beyond that there's the standard copyright information, system specs and licensing agreements. Simply telling gamers that the season pass allows them to download additional content for Final Fantasy XV is kind of redundant. We know that season passes are designed for DLC, but the real question is, what sort of DLC?

The store page doesn't say.

Game Informer tried reaching out to Square Enix for further information about the content, but they were only given the runaround and a link back to the description on the PlayStation Store.

(Image credit: Square Enix)

This has been one of the many pangs in the side of gamers when it comes to the newer generation of games. Paying $25 for the promise of content that may or may not arrive or may or may not be what you want. According to Gematsu, the Japanese PlayStation Store revealed six DLC items, but we have no idea if the items will be available worldwide or if they will be region exclusive. The items are as follows.

"Booster Pack" (DLC #1)

"Episode Gladiolus" (DLC #2)

"Holiday Pack" (DLC #3)

"Episode Ignis" (DLC #4)

"Episode Prompto" (DLC #5)

"Expansion Pack" (DLC #6)

EA and DICE pulled a similar stunt with Star Wars: Battlefront, where they had a fairly expensive $50 season pass promising content, but we had no idea what was inside until after the game launched. Sadly, it appears as if Square Enix wants people to commit to purchasing Final Fantasy XV's season pass and end up being surprised on September 30th to find out what exactly that season pass entails.

When facing the unknown and a price point you may not be comfortable with, the best advice in this situation is to hold the wallet and wait for more information.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.