The New Doom DLC Has Arrived, Here's What's New

Doom Harvester
(Image credit: id Software)

Bethesda and id Software recently rolled out the latest update for the 2016 outing of Doom, which happens to be the game's first paid DLC. So what's new? Well, quite a bit actually and it mostly focuses around new multiplayer content.

Game Informer did a write-up on the new features in the Unto the Evil pack, including the addition of a brand new playable demon in Doom's multiplayer mode. The name of the demon is the Harvester, and it allows players to float around and shoot opponents with AOE lightning attacks.

The DLC also contains three new maps to battle across, one of which includes Cataclysm, where players will duke it out in a hellish arena with a giant demonic warp portal situated at the center of a giant demon's corpse -- the entire stage isn't all about hell, though, you'll also take that warp portal to a UAC facility. The second map is called offering, and will see players battling across ruins with a lot of open space. The third and final Doom map is called Ritual and it's more of a sci-fi map with a lot of walkways, stairs and corridors.

There's also a new sticky proximity mine that can be latched onto walls and a new UAC EMG pistol. It looks like the Spiker from Halo 3 a little bit. You get a very brief look at the weapon and the content in the video below, which briefly showcases how the new content for Doom plays out in the game itself.

At the end of the video we get to see a little bit of the new customization features they've added into the game, including the new robotic armor sets, which look a little bit like Lord Zed from Power Rangers fused with the Elite Covenant armor from Halo.

They've also added some new taunts to the game, such as the golf club swing. It's hilarious that we get to see the taunt in action as the player character is about to get owned by the Harvester.

The biggest drawback to Doom so far has been the multiplayer. People have consistently complained that it was a little too much like Call of Duty and Halo instead of Doom. A large part of that is in the fact that the original Doom multiplayer actually consisted of the single-player stages with deathmatch spawn points. You could even keep the monster spawns active just to spice things up a bit.

For this 2016 outing of Doom they limited the weapon loadout to two weapons in the multiplayer, and basically restricted players to class-based setups. The arenas are also kind of ho-hum compared to the maps in the previous games or even the single-player maps, so a lot of people haven't been feeling the multiplayer in the game the way they did with the original series.

Even still, the gameplay is solid, the gunplay is functional and the gore is legit. You can get your hands on the new Unto the Evil DLC map pack right now for Doom for $14.99 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.