Rapture Looks Beautiful In New Trailer For Bioshock: The Collection

The Bioshock series has been one of the most engrossing and atmospheric games in recent memory. Now, the upcoming Bioshock: The Collection shows us the beauty, and horror, of the city of Rapture with a new level of mystery. The entire Bioshock series has been remastered and a new trailer makes the setting of the first two games look even more spooky than it did before. Check it out.

While one might not think that a remastered version of a game that's only one generation old could receive such a visual upgrade, this new trailer certainly makes Rapture look significantly better than it did the first time around. While this trailer is more of a cinematic look at the world of the game, as opposed to being actual gameplay, we're not going to pretend that we're not falling in love with Rapture all over again. The trailer actually opens with some voice over from Bioshock Infinite, because, as players know, the games are more connected than it at first appears. That games finale might even make playing the original Bioshock feel a little different. We're looking forward to it.

When Bioshock was originally released, it became an instant hit with gamers. Whether it as the unique first-person shooter combat, which added numerous different abilities, called plasmids, to the fight, or the unique story about a man being led through an underwater city that had been left ravaged by the people who once lived there, there was something for everybody in the game. It's not only a great action series but one that delves into philosophy as well. The original also has one of the greatest twists in the history of the genre, one that only a video game is actually capable of producing. If somehow you've made it this far in life without learning it, we can't bring ourselves to spoil it now.

In addition to the first title, Bioshock: The Collection will be providing remastered versions of the other two games in the series, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite. I'm not sure that remastering Bioshock 2 will be enough to make me want to play that one again, but anything is possible. It's difficult to argue that one isn't the weak link in the chain. Rather than try and tell a new story, as the other games did, Bioshock 2 was directly related to the original game and added little new to the mythos beyond gameplay mechanics.

Rumors of remasted Bioshock games have been swirling for most of the last year. However, over the last several months we saw repeated references to the titles which seemed to indicate they were actually coming.

Are you excited to return to Rapture and play the remastered Bioshock? If you are, would you kindly leave a comment down below?

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