Scalebound Is Letting You Do Awesome Things With Dragons, Here's What We Know

Some new details regarding the gameplay of Platinum Games' upcoming Scalebound for the Xbox One have been revealed. In a quick clip from this year's GamesCom, some new info from IGN explained how players can interact with the dragons in Scalebound.

The video was posted up by IGN recently, where they revealed that the game has a Dragon DNA system, which enables players to upgrade their dragon into three different forms. There's the Rex form, which is what Platinum have been showing off frequently when promoting Scalebound. There's the Brute form, which is described by IGN as having "tiny little wings" and is mirrored more-so after a bull. And then there's the Wyvern, where it has no arms but it's described as being good at flying.

According to the video, there's a spectrum in which players can modify and evolve their dragon between those different forms. Each form specializes in a specific kind of play-style in Scalebound, ranging from melee-focused with the Brute form to aerial focused with the Wyvern form.

The dragon can also be directed around as an AI companion, so if you want to focus on beating the crap out of things as the human, you can have your AI buddy flying around in Wyvern form to clear out the sky. Alternatively, you could reverse the situation and have the AI on the ground as a Brute, picking off enemies and helping you out.

Another new feature they introduced was the ability to take direct control of the dragon using the left trigger. According to the video, there's a fixed camera that allows players to play directly as the dragon and beat the mess out of anyone or anything that's directly in the dragon's path. The downside, however, is that this leaves the player-character completely vulnerable while the player is in control of the dragon. So you'll have to pick and choose when the best and most opportune time is in Scalebound to leave your character and psychically take control of the dragon.

The game is being compared to Devil May Cry and the striking and combo layers that can be mixed and matched between the human and the dragon. The comment section below the video had some mixed reactions to the footage of Scalebound. Some are still excited for the game while others are a bit disappointed after seeing the E3 gameplay demonstration where the frame-rate and performance on the Xbox One weren't quite up to par.

A large part of the game reminds me Lost Planet 2 insofar that it has this fast-paced combat combined with taking out large, massive bosses with other players in co-op.

Some gamers questioned why they didn't show this footage to the public, but they could be making some changes or fixing things up before fully revealing it to the public.

Scalebound is due for release on theXbox One and Windows 10 in 2017.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.